UCLA Coach Took A Whopping BRIBE To Pretend This Chick Could Play Soccer

Written by K. Walker on March 22, 2019

This bro had a pretty sweet deal with college admissions fixer, William ‘Rick’ Singer. Check out how much he was raking in…

Jorge Salcedo, the soccer coach from UCLA, has resigned from his job in the wake of the ‘Varsity Blues’ admissions fraud scam. Salcedo allegedly took $100,000 from scammer Rick Singer to ‘recruit’ the daughter of the president of a real estate development firm. Bruce and Davina Isackson allegedly paid Singer 2,150 Facebook shares with a value of $251,249 to get their daughter Lauren admitted to UCLA as a soccer player. The thing is, Lauren didn’t even play competitive soccer before she was ‘recruited.’

The soccer coach from UCLA who is said to have taken a $100,000 kickback to get a developer’s daughter into the school resigned on Thursday.

Jorge Salcedo was said to have taken the bribe to get Lauren Isackson on the women’s soccer team roster.

They even gave Isackson a weird number, all of the other players were numbered 00-28 while she was given 41.

Isackson was given jersey No. 41 in 2017 on a team of all star players and required to stay on the side for at least one year. She was tapped to be a midfielder on the team.

Prosecutors say her parents, Davina, 55, and Bruce, 61, the president of a real estate development firm, spent more than $600,000 to get Lauren and her sister into UCLA and USC with fake athletic credentials.

So, lemme get this straight — a woman, who didn’t even play competitive soccer, took the spot of an actual soccer player on an elite college team just because her parents greased some hands.


Between non-athletes playing on college teams and biological men competing against biological women, should we just be done with college sports for women? It seems as though the deck is stacked against the actual female athletes. So, really, what’s the point?

Salcedo actually benefited from Isackson’s first choice school botching the admissions scam. Lauren Isackson was supposed to go to USC as a phony athletic recruit, but something went wrong with Singer’s contacts at the school and her application was put into the regular admissions process. Athletic recruits at USC can simply drop the sport and continue at the school, whereas, UCLA requires athletes to be on the sports team for one year. Prosecutors allege that the former women’s soccer coach at USC then passed Isackson along to Salcedo at UCLA. Singer reportedly paid the USC coach $25,000.

Both Bruce and Davina have been charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and face up to 20 years in federal prison. Davina has been released on a $1 million bond and had to surrender her passport.

According to the New York Post, Salcedo is facing one charge of conspiracy to commit racketeering.

It’s sad, really. This would have been one of those ‘hard work and grit’ kind of stories. Salcedo started as the team’s ball boy before winning three national championships as a player in the 1990s. Salcedo later became the UCLA men’s soccer coach for 15 seasons, and between 2006 and 2014, he helped UCLA get to 14 NCAA tournaments and national championships.

But that single charge may be just the beginning for Salceda.

It appears that this wasn’t his first rodeo. Another novice soccer player was miraculously recruited for UCLA’s men’s soccer team. Salcedo may have also received $100,000 kickback from Singer for that ‘recruit’ as well.

Salcedo is said to have taken another $100,000 check from Singer for the son of another one of his clients.

That student also had not played competitive soccer but was admitted to UCLA after he was recruited to the men’s soccer team, the Los Angeles Times reports.

It seems that Bruce Isackson was a bit nervous about the scheme.

Court documents show he said: ‘You know, I am so paranoid about this [expletive] thing you were talking about on the phone.

‘I mean, I can’t imagine they’d go to the trouble of tapping my phone – but would they tap someone like your phones?

‘The embarrassment to everyone in the communities. Oh my God, it would just be – Yeah. Ugh.’
Source: Daily Mail

Embarrassment indeed.

Especially for the Hollywood stars that have been exposed as Singer’s ‘customers.’

ClashDaily reported that Lori Loughlin hasn’t just lost her career over this, her daughter is upset that the scandal has cost her a very lucrative career as a social media ‘influencer.’

The exposure of the scam has revealed a college admissions system that was ripe for abuse by nefarious individuals like Singer willing to exploit the competitive process for their own financial gain. Singer is reported to have made $25 million in 7 years using bribery and cheating to get the children of wealthy parents into elite colleges.

All good parents want the best for their kids, but bribery and cheating isn’t the way to get it.

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