WATCH: Thomas Sowell BBQ’s Occasional-Cortex’s BAD Ideas And It’s BEAUTIFUL

Written by Wes Walker on March 7, 2019

The Left OUGHT to recognize Thomas Sowell as one of the truly great minds of our day. But since he’s a RIGHT-leaning black man, he basically doesn’t exist.

That’s really too bad. He’s likely forgotten more than most of them will ever know, especially when it comes to issues like the economy, culture and yes, even race.

He was asked about the Left’s latest shiny toy, Alexandria Occasio Cortez, or as we know her — Occasional-Cortex.

As far as RHETORIC? She’s got some chops. He called her a ‘rising star’. That’s ONE measurement; the one to which the public will respond.

But Sowell is not a shallow man. He has another measuring stick, one that measures her ideas. What does he think of her support for race-based reparations? Not much.

“Well, [race] is one of any number of one-factor explanations as to why everyone doesn’t have the same outcome. A hundred years ago, it was genetics. At other times and places, it was exploitation. But again, these are ideas that sound plausible. But when you do research, you discover that everywhere you turn, there are a thousand reasons why people don’t turn out the same. It goes right down to the family — in the first chapter of [my book, Discrimination and Disparities], I point out that the first-born has a higher IQ than his siblings. And later in life, has more achievements. Among astronauts, for example, of the 29 astronauts in the Apollo program that put a man on the moon, 22 were either the first-born or an only child. Now if you can’t get equality among people who are born to the same parents and raised under the same roof, why in the world would you think you’re going to get it among people who’ve had such different histories and cultures around the world?
Transcription by: RS

With people like Thomas Sowell ripping this idea to shreds, and Kamala ‘Heels-up” Harris’s own father blowing up the racial narrative (She was descended from a plantation OWNER), can we just be done with the whole race-baiting nonsense and start treating one another as Unhyphenated Americans?

Is that really too much to ask?

That would depend on the party you belong to, now wouldn’t it. One party has irrevocably chained themselves to their Intersectional politics. It would require a complete repudiation of their current DNA to do it.

Like Alinsky and the Clintons before her, we’ve already seen signs that Occasional Cortex is NOT the sort of person to admit a mistake. Ever.

You can see it in her eyes, she’s got big plans for America. Big, psychotic plans.

Plans for putting a stake through the heart of industry, in the name of Democratic Socialism. Plans for dismantling ICE and letting illegals stream over our borders. Plans for outlawing cars, and our burgers. Because otherwise, the world will end in 12 years. And you’d better do it, or else, because she’ll tell ya “I’m The Boss!”

She’s not exactly ‘shelf stable’, but she IS an elected representative. She’s Alexandria Occasio-Cortez: The American Psycho!

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