Charlize Theron Thinks Her 7yr Old Son Is Really A Girl – No, This Isn’t Satire

Written by Wes Walker on April 21, 2019

Hey Charlize. Maybe there’s a good reason you are so ‘shockingly single’.

This is your mind on Progressivism…

Charlize has a seven-year-old son, but is raising him as a girl.

It was all because of a ‘decision’ the kid made when he was three. No, really. That’s the reason.

Oh, really? Well, aren’t you a treat?

“Yes, I thought she was a boy, too,” Charlize recently told The Daily Mail. “Until she looked at me when she was three years old and said: ‘I am not a boy!'”

“So there you go! I have two beautiful daughters who, just like any parent, I want to protect and I want to see thrive,” she continued. “They were born who they are and exactly where in the world both of them get to find themselves as they grow up, and who they want to be, is not for me to decide.”
Source: DailyMail

And ever since then, she’s been dressing him as a girl.

Children apparently call the shots in her household. Just wait until they hear about Bill Cosby’s ‘Chocolate Cake’ bit, and they start demanding it for breakfast.

Surely she wouldn’t deny them that, would she?

Of course not. If a three-year-old who is just barely self-aware enough to NOT run naked into the front yard is suddenly asserting something as complex and nuanced as his sexuality, surely he is self-aware enough to determine his diet.

Wealthy, good-looking and still ‘shockingly single’, for ten years, eh?

That’s a real head-scratcher.

Gee, if only there were some sort of a clue.

Meanwhile, in this confused generation, men and women can both agree that Liberals are losing their ever-loving minds. Now there’s a shirt that says just that.

And — just to tweak the gender crusaders — it’s conveniently available in Both Ladies…

AND Men’s versions.

Either Liberals just don’t get it, or they are sick in the head. Probably both. Think about it: They want to have all of the blessings that come with living in a capitalist society such as modern medicine and technology. But they believe in socialism, which stifles innovation and progress.

They want to be protected by the police and the military, but they attack and criticize the men and women who protect us. They call conservatives “racists,” but it’s their own identity politics that have created race problems in the first place. After all, Democrats were the party of slavery!

They attack hunters, but have no problem wearing leather shoes or owning cars with leather upholstery! And of course, they believe guns kill people. Not the people that pull the trigger.

Well, here’s a shirt that sums it perfectly. Liberalism is a… MENTAL DISORDER.

And the best part? This shirt is made in the USA, printed in the USA, on an American-Made t-shirt press!

Ladies, get yours here.

Bros, click here, instead.

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