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Equal Justice Under The Law

I was visited by the FBI a couple of weeks ago. No joke. They actually showed up at my house to do a “threat assessment.” It seems that someone reported me to them. One of the agents began reviewing my daily show and they decided they needed to pay me a visit. They wanted to be sure that I wasn’t “inciting violence.”

Let that sink in for a minute. A former high school football coach who has never committed or advocated violence against anyone draws the attention of the same agency that ignores the obvious crimes of Hillary Clinton and their own FBI bosses.

Threat assessment. I AM a threat. I am a threat to Devil and all of his minions. My buddy tells me that when I am taking flack I must be over the target. Just for the record, I do everything I can to NOT encourage violence. When was the last time you saw me out on the streets throwing rocks and setting fires? I guess I am making someone in the deep swamp nervous.

In case you wondered, the FBI and the deep state are the law breakers. I am a law keeper. Our godless government employees are who are in violation of the law. God’s law. They think GOVERNMENT is god. I say JESUS is God. They don’t like the competition.

Anyone with half a brain… and I admit that number is getting smaller and smaller… knows that we have an unequal justice system. The rich and the powerful have one set of laws and the rest of the peons live by another set. If you have watched any of the travesties of the Mueller report unfold you clearly understand my point. Hillary Clinton did everything that they accused President Trump of yet she sits as a free woman at 15 Old House Lane in Chappaqua, NY.

I visited Hillary and Bill’s home this week. I am convinced that the FBI showed up at my door because somebody wanted me to “cool my jets.” I assume it was supposed to scare me. It didn’t. It simply confirmed what I had known all along. Free speech applies to everyone that the “government” decides to grant it to. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are all part of the government speech police. There is really no freedom in America anymore. They just tell us that there is.

So I decided to go to Hillary’s and demand that the FBI indict her. Heck, even James Comey, when he was exonerating her a few years ago, admitted that she had violated the law. But the two-tiered “justice” system protects the criminals who are part of the Devil’s team. It is only the God-fearing, patriotic American’s that they bring the hammer down on.

They visit my house because I fight for freedom… but they protect the felonious Hillary
Clinton… actually guarding her from “terrorists” like me. I want to protect and defend unborn babies while Hillary wants to kill them. Yet I require a threat assessment while Hillary continues to undermine America right out of her fancy digs in Chappaqua. Her illegal server was in her home. Her home is a crime scene.

This double-standard system of justice must end. We must demand that it stop. JUDGEMENT AND JUSTICE are two pillars upon which this nation was built. The 14th Amendment declares it this way… EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW. No one is above the law, they tell us. But that is not true. There is a system for them and a totally different system for us.

Try destroying evidence and see if the FBI looks the other way for you. Hillary did… and they did. Our nation cannot long survive such egregious malfeasance of our system of justice. No one is above the law. And that means Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In fact, more is required of them. Our Constitution speaks of HIGH CRIMES and that has
nothing to do with the severity of the crime but rather of the POSITION of the one who commits it. Crimes committed by those in HIGH positions deserve the most severe justice. They are protectors of the Republic. When the leaders are corrupt, the nation will crumble. Look at what those at the highest levels of our intelligence agencies have done?

Our system of justice is broken…assassinated actually; Destroyed by those who think that their actions are above the law and by those who protect their malfeasance.

That is why I went to the Clintons’ home. Bill and Hillary were public employees. They actually worked for me. In what other business, other than governmental crime, can the employees give orders to and receive protection from, those who pay their salaries? America is upside down.

As I told the policemen who temporarily detained me at 15 Old House Lane, I didn’t come to do violence, I came to prevent it. America is a powder keg and it is time “We The People” demand our employees do their job. The first duty of government listed in the Preamble to the Constitution is “establish justice.” Justice is not being served in America… it is being exploited.

Here is the video of my journey to the home of the Clintons’. Please take time to watch and
share it. Only “We The People” can restore justice to America. But we are going to have to
DEMAND it. Those in power will not give it up without a fight.

“Aren’t you afraid the Clinton’s will come after you, Coach Dave,” my friends ask.
“Yes I am,” I tell them. “That is a heck of a note as well, isn’t it? An employer asking one of
his employees to do his job and enforce the law in regards to another of my employees who has violated the law. And for that, I should fear for my life?”

That should tell us all that we need to know.

The manner in which “We The People” respond to this felonious action by a trusted leader will determine whether or not the Republic will survive. Where are the Patriots? Where are the Oath Keepers? I’d say it is time to come out of hiding and take our complaints to the streets.

With all of the squawking we hear today about “equality” isn’t time we demanded EQUAL
JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW? Don’t our rights matter?

What we do at this time will determine the future of our grandchildren. The eyes of history are watching. Indict Hillary Clinton.

Dave Daubenmire

Dave Daubenmire is a veteran 35 year high school football coach who was spurred to action when attacked and sued by the ACLU in the late 1990s for praying with his high school football team. After a two year battle for his 1st amendment rights, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement.