Is The President Causing Hate Crimes?

Written by Allan Erickson on April 30, 2019

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson says President Trump’s rhetoric is hateful, causing violence, resulting in an increase in hate crimes.

Eugene wrote a brilliant column right after 9/11, but haven’t seen the like since.

This President is a fighter. He is tough. Playing to win is in his DNA. He took on this responsibility and he is serious about restoring the country to greatness, saving it from the malaise of the Obama years. In order to take on and prevail against the vast forces marshaled against him (Democrats, Leftists, Communists, Jihadists, assorted anti-Americans, and the MSM) he has to confront every lie and every attack, head on.

He believes, as do about half the voters, that this country will go under unless we fight hard to restore some measure of traditional values and founding principles of the Republic.

I for one am glad we have a fighter in the White House. I’m glad he is keeping our enemies off balance, redoing trade deals, aggressively fighting the war on terror, doing all he can to secure the border, stoking the economy, and putting an end to various collectivist schemes as well as the tiresome and counterproductive apology tours.

People who criticize him for being aggressive are just looking for a way to undermine him and that is because he is so successful it irks them no end.

Eugene and others never said boo when Obama was talking about bringing a gun to knife fight and other such nonsense. Nobody objected when he urged people to get up in our faces. Did you ever hear a Democrat complain when Obama encouraged street demonstrations based on lies, goading BLM and ignoring the resulting violence? But now, some flimsy allegation about hate crime increases is sufficient to attack this President as an instigator. BS.

The vicious Left never relents and now an aggressive conservative is beating them at their own game without being vicious and all they can do is double down on viciousness. Not smart. Not effective. Not acceptable.

Allan Erickson
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