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Sheriff Drops Truthbomb On ‘Soft On Crime’ And ‘Open Borders’ Knuckleheads

This Sheriff slams the nutters that claim that all the people crossing the border are “sweet, little migrants looking for a better life.”

It. Was. Beautiful.

The ringleader of the massive crime ring was a “sweet, little migrant” who dealt meth and was in the country illegally. So were some of his associates. Isn’t that lovely?

Just wait until you hear the details of “Operation Meth Death Peddlers” — it’s quite something.

A national drug trafficking investigation that involved the Polk County Sheriff’s Office led to 44 arrests and the seizure of 50 pounds of meth, with a street value of $1.4 million…

Among the 44 arrested, nine are in the country illegally and are being held at Polk County Jail.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said one of the suspects, 45-year-old Acencion Zarate-Najera of Davenport, has been arrested four different times by federal authorities, yet has never been deported despite being in the country illegally.

Sheriff Judd painted a picture that looks rather grim for the “illegal aliens are just looking for a better life” crowd.

It turns out that the kids of the drug dealer — who was making millions of dollars on dealing meth — are on welfare and he hid his money in his backyard where his roosters were pecking the ground and digging it up.

This is the genius that we didn’t deport.

“His kids are on WIC, federal assistance,” Judd said. “Multi-million dollar drug dealer here illegally and they’re getting federal assistance. If that just doesn’t rip the button off your shirt, I don’t know what does.”

The sheriff said Zarate-Najera buried his cash in his backyard, only for his roosters to later dig up the money.

“There’s some stuff that’s gotta be true because you just can’t make it up,” Judd said.

Zarate-Najera’s daughter, Cira Isabel Zarate-Bermudez, and her live-in boyfriend, George Lopez, were also arrested in Operation Meth Death. Investigators say that they were selling meth for her father. It’s unclear if they were the ones on federal assistance, but would it shock you at this point?

The suspects are collectively facing 85 felonies and 50 misdemeanors. They have also been previously arrested and charged with a total of 392 felonies and 325 misdemeanors. They were previously convicted of a total of 94 felonies and 142 misdemeanors.

Ah, those sweet, sweet innocent migrants just looking for a better life!

Sheriff Judd also blasted some members of the Florida legislature who would call the suspects “low-level non-violent drug offenders” as he held up a pair of guns and said, “I guess they’re just gun collectors.”

Here is Sheriff Grady Judd’s beautiful moment:

He summed up:

“Some politicians want to release drug traffickers early from prison, lower their sentences, or avoid putting them in prison all together,” he said in a statement. “But make no mistake: everything about Meth is violent and destructive. It destroys lives, ruins families, and kills people. Meth equals death. If meth doesn’t kill you outright, it relentlessly kills you over time. These drug dealers have blood on their hands. They make money off of the misery of others. They use violence as a means to enforce their business rules. Everything about what they do is violent to our communities and our quality of life.”

Source: Fox 13 News

Watch the whole press conference here:

To be clear, this is not to say that all illegal border crossers are violent meth dealers. However, at least 9 in this group of 44 drug dealers were illegal aliens.

You can’t paint everyone with the same brush, but this is why we need to know who it is that is coming into the country. How many more men like Zarate-Najera and his 8 illegal alien cohorts are among the 300,000 that have crossed illegally in the first three months of this year? 

How many will it take for the Democrats to agree to do something to enforce our immigration law at the southern border instead of just emboldening coyotes and illegal border crossers by pushing an “open borders” message?

We need to build the wall.

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