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WATCH: The Libs On The View Say Obama Was ‘Scandal Free’ – Meghan’s Reaction Is GOLD

You know it’s going to be a complete dumpster fire on The View when Joy Behar is the moderator.

Also, pretty much every day it’s a dumpster fire on The View.

From the get-go, Meghan McCain was on edge as Joy Behar took the helm along with her default illusion of moral superiority.

The Liberal Coven of The View (plus fake conservative Ana Navarro) continues to push the idea that the Obama administration was ‘scandal-free.’

Meghan McCain busted a gut laughing at that one!

During a segment where the harpies give their leftist take on the news, they sounded off on a report claiming that 25 officials within the White House were inappropriately given security clearances despite being ‘denied’ or unworthy.

One of the hosts, Abby Huntsman interviewed Ivanka Trump and asked if her father had exerted any pressure in securing the clearances. Huntsman condemned the ‘hypocrisy’ in politics by saying that Republicans would be ‘all over’ the story if it had happened under Obama.

HUNTSMAN: My issue is the hypocrisy right now. I hate hypocrisy in politics and if this were on the other foot, if this were the Obama Administration, and there were 25 officials that had been denied, or that had been, said, “We have concerns,” and they still got overridden, this would be the top issue right now for every Republican in the country. And it should be for every single American.

That set off Joy Behar into Haughty Obnoxious Mode, which, to be fair, seems to be her standard operating system.

BEHAR: None of this happens in the Obama — whenever people say, ‘if this was Obama…’ Nothing like this even remotely close ever happened in that administration. Completely scandal-free.

MCCAIN: *guffaw*

BEHAR: Do you know a scandal? Can you name a scandal?

MCCAIN: Yes, but I don’t want to do this with you this morning.

BEHAR: I’d like to hear a scandal that was in the Obama administration.

MCCAIN: The Iran deal. Number one.

BEHAR: That’s not a scandal.

MCCAIN: I mean, billions of dollars in unmarked bills in the middle of the night given to Iran. Yeah, that’s a big scandal.

BEHAR: That was their money!

Lefties no-likey when someone dares disagree.

Ana Navarro, of course, couldn’t help but chime in to show that even though she’s a RINO, she also had a soft spot for Dear Leader Barry. (That’s probably why she’s always on CNN.)

NAVARRO: I’ll give you an Obama scandal. He wore a tan suit. Michelle showed her arms. And he ate Grey Poupon! That’s it!

That got McCain to speak up. She said that even though she doesn’t like Trump, didn’t vote for him, and won’t vote for him, the near worship of the Obama administration by the left and the Media(D) is pretty vile to those that saw the scandals when they occurred.

MCCAIN: The problem is when you put the Obama Administration up as this pristine, scandal-free, perfect administration that never did anything wrong.

HOSTIN: (interrupting) But it was pretty scandal-free.

Dear Lord Jesus, help me! I think I’m actually missing the stabilizing(?) force of Whoopi Goldberg as moderator.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome™ has spilled out onto the stage and has completely infected the entire audience or vice versa — it’s hard to tell.

There’s also the issue of Obama Scandal Amnesia™ which has afflicted the entirety of the Media(D) and anyone to the left of Joe Biden circa 2012.

My favorite right is when Joy Behar says they’ll just ask their next guest, Valerie Jarrett, about Obama’s scandals.

Because Valerie Jarrett can be completely objective about the Obama administration, right?

Since Meghan can’t seem to recall the plethora of scandals off the top of her head, we can help her out.

ClashDaily listed some of Obama’s biggest (and underreported) scandals back in November 2016.

The TL;DR version:

  1. Operation Fast & Furious.
  2. Benghazi.
  3. IRS Targeting conservatives.
  4. DOJ Interfering in the Freedom of the Press.
  5. NSA Violates the Fourth Amendment.
  6. Iran Scandal.
  7. Hillary’s Email.
  8. The EPA poisoned a Colorado River.
  9. The EPA violated the law in promoting a regulation.
  10. The EPA hid lead contamination levels from Flint, Michigan residents.
  11. The GSA Scandal.
  12. The Secret Service Scandal.
  13. Solyndra.
  14. Long waits at the VA caused deaths.
  15. John Gruber’s ‘Stupidity of Americans’ comment re: pushing through ObamaCare.
  16. Failures of ObamaCare.

It looks like The View Coven is obviously relying on their glitchy memories and the biased search engine, Google.

Maybe they should try Bing.

Meghan McCain predicts that Trump will be re-elected, and we think she’s absolutely right.

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