WATCH: What If A Teacher Did THIS To Your Little Girl?

Written by Wes Walker on April 29, 2019

‘Why don’t you pick on someone your own size’ is usually a phrase directed at bigger kids, not teachers.

What part of your brain has to be broken for bullying a five-year-old to seem justifiable? Or do we go with the simpler explanation that the woman is just evil?

Crystal Smith is now out of a job. Because she kicked a little kid.

You know how little kids like to find hidey-holes and crawl into them? The empty space on the bottom shelf of a library seemed like a perfect spot for a little kid to climb into.

What’s the correct response to that situation? Sit the kid down and explain why they can’t do that? Maybe even scold them for it? Sure, that seems about right.

How about smacking them around a bit and giving them a kick?

That’s way over the line, right? Of course it is.

But Crystal Smith didn’t seem to either (a) know that or (b) care.

She was so bold about it that she did it with another adult present, who didn’t have line-of sight. In fact, if not for the camera, she might have gotten away with it.

Teacher Crystal Smith was caught on surveillance footage at Bluejacket Flint elementary school in Shawnee kicking a toddler who was hiding in a bookshelf in the library on February 21.

In the clip the teacher can be seen approaching the young girl and grabbing her arm to get her out of the cubby hole then kicking her back as the girl laid sprawled on the ground.

The girl reported she was hit to her homeroom teacher who failed to report it to the school’s administration.

When the girl’s mother picked her up from school and asked how her day was, the child responded, ‘I don’t like my teacher. She’s really mean. She hit me on my arm.’

Her mother then noticed a large red mark on the child’s arm.

Outraged the mother called the school principal to learn about what happened.

Then the mother met with Crystal Smith, the teacher accused of hitting the girl. But Smith diverted blame to the child for the welt.

‘I’m not surprised she has some marks on her. She was crawling in the bookshelf. She has a red spot on her arm. And I’m not surprised because she shoved herself into that bookshelf…I mean, she kicked me a couple of times..’ Smith said.
Source: DailyMail

The woman actually tried to make HERSELF the victim… of a five-year-old kid.

She’s been fired.

But it doesn’t say whether or not the homeroom teacher — the one who neglected to report the abuse after the kid complained — received any disciplinary action, too.

Imagine that was YOUR little girl coming home with a big red welt.

Imagine YOU saw the footage of her getting casually kicked while she’s curled up on the floor.

What would YOU do about it? Take it to the cops, or would you be sorely tempted to take matters into your own hands?

The DA is now reviewing the case and could press charges.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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