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BOOM! Covington Kids Slap NBC With A Mega-Million Dollar Lawsuit

The “fake news” peddlers over at NBC might be paying a very high price for their lack of journalistic integrity.

When Covington Catholic High School student, Nick Sandmann, launched a defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post, President Trump had tweeted, “Go get them Nick.” It looks like he’s taking that advice…

Facing a $275 million dollar lawsuit was enough to make the “Democracy Dies In Darkness” peeps over there admit that they done screwed up in their coverage of Sandmann.

It wasn’t just WaPo, either. Another lawsuit was launched against the banana-peddlers over at CNN.

It appears that Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyers are making good on their promise to sue so-called “news” agencies that were quick to defame a high school junior. In early February, the attorneys representing Sandmann and his family had revealed a list of 54 individuals and entities that they had sent letters to indicating potential lawsuits. 

The Covington Catholic High School student at the center of a much-debated encounter with a Native American activist earlier this year is suing NBC for $275million over its coverage of the event.

Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyers accuse the network of ‘creating a false narrative’ by suggesting the teenager had ‘committed a hate crime’.

They allege that NBC picked Sandmann, who was wearing a red Make America Great Again hat, as an ‘easy target to advance its anti-Trump agenda’.

(Emphasis added)

We all know what happened — a short video clip was released which appeared to be a “confrontation” between an elderly Indigenous man and a teen boy wearing a MAGA hat surrounded by lots of other teen boys laughing and taking photos.

Sandmann was wearing a MAGA hat, so he was immediately cast as the villain and his smile was reported to be a “smirk” and he was labeled a racist.

CNN’s Reza Aslan tweeted that Sandmann had a “punchable face.”

The Media(D), leftist politicians, and celebrities were quick to jump onto the story — sometimes suggesting violence as Aslan did — which reinforced their own biases against alleged “Trump supporters.”

But that’s not what happened that day. As the news broke, longer form video clips revealed that the teens were the victims of hateful rhetoric and not the purveyors of it. It was a clash of three groups, the Covington High School students who had attended the March for Life, the Native Americans who were a part of the Indigenous People’s March, and the Black Hebrew Israelites, which the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center identified as an extremist Black Nationalist group.

As Nathan Phillips, the Native American at the center of the controversy embraced his 15-minutes of fame, holes appeared in his story. He wasn’t surrounded and blocked by the Covington students — he approached them. He wasn’t honest about his status as a “Vietnam veteran.” It appears that he has made up stories like this in the past.

Watch the damning video released by Nick Sandmann’s attorney:

But the “Drive-by” Media(D) couldn’t be bothered to look for context and actually report what happened, they just ran the brief clip and pushed a particular narrative.

Their narrative was that Sandmann was racist. More video footage taken that day appears to show that Nick Sandmann was attempting to behave in a respectful manner towards the man who walked up and stood directly in front him banging a drum while chanting.

His legal filing says: ‘NBCUniversal elevated false, heinous accusations of racist conduct against Nicholas.

‘Nicholas was an easy target for NBC to advance its anti-Trump agenda because he was a 16-year-old white, Catholic student who had attended the Right  to Life March that day and was wearing a MAGA cap at the time of the incident which he had purchased earlier in the day as a souvenir.’

In the lawyers’ version of events, Sandmann had been ‘specifically targeted’ by Phillips who ‘placed himself directly in front of’ the student.
Source: Daily Mail

Sandmann’s lawyers already secured a mea culpa from WaPo.

It’s obvious that the Media(D) have made the MAGA hat the “black cowboy hat” in the old-school Western film terms.

This was lazy journalism that relied on leftist Twitter comments to fuel the narrative. It wasn’t actual journalism. It was malicious. It was peddling gossip as news.

Most of all, it was egregious journalistic malpractice slandering and defaming a 16-year old boy. 

That is not something that should be tolerated in the United States of America.

To quote the immortal words of a very wise man, “Go get them, Nick!”

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