Here’s 5 Reasons Why Political Correctness Has KILLED Classic Movies

Written by K. Walker on May 14, 2019

Political correctness is already killing contemporary movies.

This has been an ongoing concern as the loud and growing group of “wokescolds” ensure that every bit of entertainment bows its knee to political correctness.

Late night comics aren’t funny anymore — they’ve become political activists.

Broadway shows are being censored because they don’t fit with our current sensibilities.

Think about the new movie releases — they all make sure to give homage to political correctness. Avenges: End Game made sure to mention that a minor character was gay; The Hustle is a female-lead retread of the hilarious Dirty Rotten Scoundrels; and the Diane Keaton-led comedy, Poms, shows elderly women “empowered” by starting their own cheerleading squad.

Christian Toto, who reviews movies from a conservative perspective, has written a fan-freaking-tastic piece in The Hill that exposes the corrosive element that has been shoved into contemporary movies, and is now being used as a litmus test for entertainment that used to be considered “classic.”

He says that an old Playboy interview has made some call for the erasing of John Wayne’s career decades after he died.

Kate Smith’s rendition of God Bless America is being removed from rotation and her statue is being covered up outside the arena in Philadelphia.

As statues are being pulled down, schools are renamed, and murals are being covered up because the honoree just wasn’t virtuous enough, even if he was the First President of the United States, Hollywood actors and directors are facing the same scrutiny.

Good luck with measuring up to George Washington, Hollyweird.

It’s easy to imagine the culture attempting to do something similar to films that don’t mirror today’s cultural mores. Molly Ringwald, who brought some of John Hughes’s best films to life, turned on her collaborator last year, saying that his films weren’t “woke” enough in our “Me Too” era.

Those films primarily hit theaters in the 1980s. So what about older films? Would any modern studio greenlight 1974’s “Blazing Saddles,” the Mel Brooks farce teeming with racial and sexual humor?

What about James Bond’s early adventures, in which 007 treated female characters in a sexist fashion? Even a comedy classic such as 1959’s “Some Like It Hot,” featuring two men dressed in drag, could be insensitive given modern mores.

So, why would “classic” movies be ditched?

Let me count the ways…

1. Depictions of historical reality — specifically racism.

Two years ago, a Memphis theater nixed a screening of the 1939 classic “Gone with the Wind” because of its “insensitive” content.

Disney’s Oscar-winning “Song of the South” won’t be seen on the company’s forthcoming streaming platform. The 1946 film’s antiquated, and some say racist, portrayal of black life turned the movie into cultural poison. It’s never made it to home video, and that’s unlikely to change in the near future.
Source: The Hill

Christian Toto even cites the KKK recruiting film, Birth of a Nation, as something that was praised for its artistic accomplishments (considering the era,) and a screening of it could be followed with a thoughtful conversation of its place in culture and the use of art as propaganda.

Depicting historical events in context is apparently now taboo.

2. Finding racism under every rock.

The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special was called “racist” which is beyond stupid.

If they could find racism in a Peanuts cartoon, when Charles Schultz put his career on the line to include the black character, Franklin, the wokescolds can find racism anywhere.

3. Promoting “non-consensual” sex.

As previously mentioned, John Hughes films have been panned as “creepy” in the #MeToo era, by the star of his films.

One scene in the iconic teen movie, The Breakfast Club, it is implied that one character sexually touches another without consent — and in the end, he gets the girl.

In Sixteen Candles, a female character is drunk and taken to the “nerd’s” home where the two apparently have sex. When asked if she enjoyed herself, she responds, “you know, I think I did.” This is wildly inappropriate in the #MeToo culture.

4. The real-life behavior of those in the entertainment world

Entertainment from the recent past — Louis C.K., Woody Allen, and Bill Cosby — have all been shelved from streaming services because the performers have (allegedly) behaved inappropriately offscreen.

Apparently, modernity does not include the ability to isolate the art from the artist. This is an unfortunate development for Hollywood, which is plagued with some of the most morally disfigured people on the planet.

5. Conforming to leftist worldview

Andrew Klavan, a fabulous author, screenwriter, and political commentator, has often revealed that Hollywood punishes conservatives if they dare “out” themselves as non-liberals.

What will happen to actors that say that men are not women? Or the single actress that doesn’t embrace it when her 3-year old decides that he is really a she?

So, if you want a career in Hollywood, you know what to do — embrace leftism and censor yourself.

Self-censorship is the new censorship. If you don’t — you’ll just be erased.

But then again, Chris Pratt is still a rising star, and he boldly swims against the flow.

So, maybe there is some hope after all.

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