Occasional-Cortex Waxes Theological, Has THIS To Say About ‘All Prayers’

Written by Wes Walker on May 24, 2019

Her grasp of theology is every bit as solid as her grasp of economics and Geo-Politics. (Which isn’t saying much.)

It’s Ramadan and Muslims everywhere are observing the month through fasting, prayer and personal reflection. That’s true out on Capitol Hill, too, where the three Muslim members of Congress hosted an iftar along with about 100 invited guests from various religious backgrounds. Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota, Representative Rashida Tlaib from Michigan and Representative André Carson from Indiana took the opportunity to talk about their Muslim faith to their colleagues and, of course, talk a little shop.

…Likewise, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has spoken about her Catholic faith and is popular among the substantial Muslim population in her district. She said: “When Ilhan prays, when I pray, when Rashida prays, when Ayanna [Pressley] prays, when Jan Schakowsky prays, I believe those prayers all go to the same place — up.”
Source: Relevant Mag

And of course, she puts a nasty little barb on the end of her statement and says people who disagree with her ‘fear’ her, as though people of every religious persuasion (and none at all) were not represented among both political parties. Occasional-Cortex sure loves flattering herself with the notion that people can and should fear her, doesn’t she?

Dreams of being feared by her ‘enemies’ — how very ‘Game Of Thrones’ of her. Good thing she doesn’t have any pet dragons.

“Up” isn’t as clever an answer as she might think. She is undercutting the key nature of prayer. Prayer is communication between worshipper and deity, right?

Communication has three components: speaker, hearer, and content.

Whether her thinking is sophisticated to grasp this or not, AOC has just depersonalized the hearer (God), and reduced prayer to a RITUAL act, not a PERSONAL one.

If AOC truly believes that prayer is so generic, she should go back to her catechism classes, or at least crack a Bible. She’s got a lot to learn.

Jesus himself told a parable about two men who prayed, a repentant sinner and a proud Pharisee. [spoiler: in that parable, Jesus dropped the hammer on the practice of Prayer as merely a ritualized act.] He made it clear that not all prayer is equal, even within the same religious tradition. …Let alone across DIFFERENT ones.

Let’s quickly compare and contrast Islam and Christianity, because she made that a clear distinction. While both religions have monotheistic beliefs that trace themselves back to the Abrahamic tradition, each paints a very different view of God.

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What AOC seems unable to grasp is that we needn’t be ‘hateful’ to disagree about important things.

Nabeel Qureshi, the late author of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, previously stated that while Muslims and Christians do not worship the same God, “we all ought to stop demonizing those who disagree with us” given the complexity of the matter.

“Christians worship a Triune God: a Father who loves unconditionally, an incarnate Son who is willing to die for us so that we may be forgiven, and an immanent Holy Spirit who lives in us,” he said.

“This is not what the Muslim God is; it is not who the Muslim God is; and it is not what the Muslim God does,” he added. “Truly, the Trinity is antithetical to Tawhid, fundamentally incompatible and only similar superficially and semantically. Muslims and Christians do not worship the same God.”
Source: ChristianPost

Maybe someone who has a history of being openly hostile to Americans of sincere faith should take a seat on this, eh? Or a whole stadium of them.

It’s wouldn’t be the first time she’s trivialized faith in the service of what appears to be her true religious devotion — party politics. For example:

But what should we really expect? Cracking a book and getting informed about something beyond her scope of experience might cut into her precious social media time.

You can see it in her eyes, she’s got big plans for America. Big, psychotic plans.

Plans for putting a stake through the heart of industry, in the name of Democratic Socialism. Plans for dismantling ICE and letting illegals stream over our borders. Plans for outlawing cars, and our burgers. Because otherwise, the world will end in 12 years. And you’d better do it, or else, because she’ll tell ya “I’m The Boss!”

She’s not exactly ‘shelf stable’, but she IS an elected representative. She’s Alexandria Occasio-Cortez: The American Psycho!

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