Restrictions On Abortion — Who Gets To Decide?

Written by Allan Erickson on May 20, 2019

Tomi Lahren on the Right, and legions of others on the Left, decry states placing restrictions on abortion.

It is useful for all of us to remember that the Left declared war on the pro-life majority by bypassing state and federal legislatures and having the Supreme Court legalize abortion in 1973. This was a violation of the Constitution, a slap in the face to states’ rights, and a declaration the unborn person has no rights, that the state through the court regardless of majority view can sanction the killing of innocent people without any due process whatsoever. The Roe v. Wade decision essentially told the world that from now on, government at the federal level will replace traditional morality, that government will decide who lives and who dies, that government will decide who has rights and who does not. With that one Supreme Court decision, we opened Pandora’s Box to the destruction of liberty and the growth of tyranny.

If representative government has no meaning, then America is a dead, failed experiment in self-government. If a minority can impose its will through the courts, and totally ignore legislatures, then tyranny has arrived. If God is contradicted and man makes himself god, then we have mocked the very idea of liberty the Founders cherished.

If babies can be murdered for no other reason than they are inconvenient, then we have lost all sense of decency, preferring selfishness and sensuality, rejecting the sacred in favor of the satanic.

Our people are awakening to the gruesome reality that abortion kills babies in the most horrific ways. We have come to face the fact people are getting rich off the slaughter, especially when baby parts are sold.

Conscience is coming into play as more and more women stand up and testify to the harm abortion does to women as well. Women are voting pro-life more and more, and hence, more and more abortion restrictions at the state levels.

Objecting to all this is to object to representative government. Decrying legal, rational and moral restrictions is to reject conscience, and if that ever becomes the majority view, we will have descended below the status of animals.

Allan Erickson
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