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The Greatest Threat To Christianity In Our Nation’s History!

Major media is silent while the greatest threat to Christianity in America just passed through the House of Representatives. HR5 The Equality Act which redefines the Public Accommodations clause to include requiring every public business in America to change its Employee Handbook or Create one that says they endorse homosexuality and any dissent will result in business closure and/or jail time for violating the rights of a special class of individuals. This includes churches as the there is actually language to nullify the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. My friend Robert Oscar Lopez has created several videos in his blog post making it very clear what the danger is. You can view it here.

As I said no major media ran a story on that vote. Tonight Laura Ingraham is covering the vote and we will see what she has to say. It appears she recognizes the real threat. Here is the only place I could find any reporting that the vote happened and was passed. I highly recommend you do not spend a lot of time looking around this site. It is absolutely disgusting but is exactly what I have been saying the homosexual agenda is about. It is about sex, male on male anal sex. You can dress up a pig but it is still a pig. You can try to dress this attraction up and spend billions of dollars trying to make it look as though it does no harm but in the end, it is a perverted act that causes harm and damages lives. Here is where I found the only coverage of the vote.

The indications are that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel will not allow this to come to a vote on the Senate floor. In another article it appears President Trump and his Administration will come out against the Equality Act but not because of its assault on Christianity. They are citing the inclusion of transgenderism which would give males access to women’s restrooms across the country. That is federal protection and there would be absolutely no defense even for churches. While I am glad they are going to come out against the bill and while I am equally concerned about this part of the issue. That aside I am more concerned about the change to the definition of Public Accommodation and the direct attack on biblical Christianity and the deconstruction of the first amendment. What is also disconcerting is the absolute silence on the right in dealing with this issue. Conservative leadership in America somehow seems to believe that conservatism can survive without the aide of God and His moral standards. America will not survive when the Creator that has granted it’s inalienable rights has His voice silenced. As Ronald Reagan once said, “When America is no longer One nation under God it will be one nation gone under.”

Pastor Greg Young

Pastor Greg Young is the host of Chosen Generation Radio, a nationally syndicated talk show Mon-Fri 4pm-6pm (EDT). Check out Pastor Greg at

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