This MAJOR City Bans Travel To Alabama Due To Abortion Law

Written by Wes Walker on May 27, 2019

It’s this kind of news that gets satire “news” websites fact-checked by Snopes — only this story is real.

With stupidity like this out there, the lines between reality and satire are blurring.

For some inexplicable reason, LA county thinks it is somehow any of their business how another State in the Union conducts their affairs. (Have they never heard of this wonderful new thing called ‘Federalism’?) And because Californians think other ‘little’ states ‘in flyover country’ somehow have to ask permission to change local law, LA is putting a one-year moratorium on government officials traveling there for any official business.

They don’t like the new abortion laws passed out that way.

(In case you weren’t paying attention, THIS is PRECISELY why we have an electoral college.)

It seems the city that has a problem with Trash piling up, and RATS running wild in their streets — a city with a freaking TYPHUS outbreak — whose sanctuary city policy has played some role in an exploding homeless epidemic has so much free time on their hands that they can kvetch about laws passed halfway across the country, not just one, but two time zones east of them.

Monday, Los Angeles County announced a one-year ban on all travel to Alabama.

County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis authored the resolution, which prohibits travel for all official county business, excepting emergencies and other legal matters where the county’s interests would be harmed if nobody came to Alabama.

In a news release, Solis called the recent law prohibiting abortion in all cases unless the mother’s health is in danger “an act of aggression upon all of us.”

“The constitutional and human right to a safe and legal abortion is part of the very fabric of the United States,” the statement continued. “As such, Los Angeles County will stand against all attempts to dismantle the protections afforded by Roe v. Wade and the U.S. Constitution.”

The ban also directed county officers to monitor future actions regarding abortion restrictions and recommend opportunities for the county to join lawsuits against abortion laws such as Alabama’s.
Source: WHNT

They’re invoking the CONSTITUTION in the context of meddling in another State’s laws?

What about Virginia where Governor Blackface and company were contemplating Infanticide? They were just fine with that, right? And what about when NY struck from the law any crime involving the death of an unborn child… and a thug who beat up a pregnant woman with the express purpose of inducing a miscarriage had his murder charges dropped.

These whackjobs are calling the law an ‘act of aggression’ — Oh the irony — ‘against all of us’ (and how many unborn babies were included in their polling?)

[Narrator: It’s actually NOT a part of the very fabric of the United States.]

It’s almost as though they have some sort of a vested interest, or a quid pro quo in defending Planned Parenthood — er, sorry “abortion rights”.

It couldn’t have anything to do with the two-or-three MILLION dollars they kicked into the campaign of ONE gubernatorial race in Virginia, could it? (Yes, that would be the same Infanticide/blackface/moonwalk, Governor Northam mentioned earlier.)

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