Trump SLAMS Fox News – Do You Agree With His Critique?

Written by Wes Walker on May 21, 2019

Trump didn’t much like the Townhall Fox put on for a would-be 2020 nominee… and he let loose on them for it.

FoxNews, which, tilts right for its opinion and analysis, but tries to play their reporting down the middle (you might even say ‘Fair & Balanced’) had ‘Mayor’ Pete Buttigieg on for a town hall special over the weekend.

The audience was packed with supporters, and he took some questions, but Buttigeig was not pressed particularly hard with the follow-ups.

And he wasn’t even especially gracious as a guest on Fox, taking some cheap potshots at the opinion hosts:

He got a warm reception and a standing ovation (which you’d expect from his supporters). And he so impressed Joe Scarborough that Joe nearly wet his diaper fawning over him:

Which is their network’s attempt at “objective news”.

The President wasn’t nearly as impressed.

Is he right to dump on them over this? Or are they just doing their job, showing the other networks (who once even slipped questions to Hillary in advance of a debate) what an impartial news service is supposed to look like?


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