Two Bros Break Down What REALLY Makes Right And Left So Very Different (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on May 12, 2019

We’re seeing open war between the Right and the Left, but can you really explain what puts such very different groups on the same team? These guys can, and it’s brilliant.

Sorry, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and all you other Democrat flacks out there. It’s not as simple as chalking it up to being deplorable racists, either.

We’re not all merely united in our contempt of people like you (even though we do have that in common) we’re also united around certain ideas.

Grab a cup of joe, and take a few minutes give this a listen.

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Here’s how the “Asian Capitalists‘ describe their video, in their own words:

Instinctively, we can usually tell the difference between people on the left and people on the right, but when it comes time to articulate these differences, the answers may not be so clear. Also, what unites the right as a cohesive political movement, especially when there are so many disparate factions within it?

The short answer is the way in which we analyze how the world works and what things are important towards maintaining a civilization, which stands in stark contrast to the way that the left sees things.

And now, when some fire-breathing feminists try to tell you that you just hate women and want to oppress brown people, you’ll be able to look in the eye and say, do you want to know what REALLY makes us tick?

Because I can tell you…

(If you’re sure you can handle it.)

With chants of ‘Drain the Swamp’, we sent Trump to Washington for a reason: to protect our Freedoms from the all-consuming appetite of a Leviathan Government.

That’s why he started slashing red tape and taxes. He’s getting Government out of the way, so free people — individuals and businesses — can give the double middle-finger to the scolds who recently told us ‘you didn’t build that’.

Biden claimed that Republicans wanted to “put y’all back in chains”. But in two years as President, he’s done the opposite.

Trump came to take the shackles off so that the world could once again hear the Roar of true American Freedom.

Artist Doug Giles’s latest piece from his MAGA art collection — called “I’ve Come To Pick A Fight” — celebrates that heartbeat of what made America Great in the first place…


More specifically, a free people.

A free people whose hearts and minds are truly unleashed to run down their unique dreams of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

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