Creepy Joe Will Not Like How Much MONEY Trump Just Raised

Written by Wes Walker on June 20, 2019

Remember when CNN gleefully reported YUGE campaign donation showing just how motivated the left was to throw support behind their 2020 opponents? That was THEN.

You might even remember some of the headlines:

Bernie Sanders Raises $6 Million After Announcing …

And much was made about Robbie Francis O’Rourke breaking that record.

Beto O’Rourke Raised Record-Breaking $6.1 Million In First 24 Hours…

And then, along came Biden.

Biden raises $6.3M in first 24 hours after campaign launch …

Not bad for 24 hours, right? And those numbers all came in around the same mark. Everyone else was much further down the list in their initial ‘big splash’ of fundraising.

How well did Trump measure up?

Compared to those numbers of ‘Six Million’ or so, he did alright. Ok, maybe he did MORE than ‘alright’.

After all, you DO remember the opening music for Apprentice, don’t you?

Money money money money!’

Yep. That’s exactly what poured into his political war chest on opening day.

#Boom! Those numbers are Pure Fire!

El Rushbo had some fun heckling Creepy Joe over it, too.

RUSH: Imagine if you’re Joe Biden last night. You’re Joe Biden last night, and your advisers come in, and they say, “Joe, don’t sweat it, don’t sweat anything that happened last night. What happened last night doesn’t mean anything, Joe. The debates are the only thing that matter, Joe, and you’re gonna wipe the floor with this guy, Joe. You’re gonna wipe the floor about him in the debates, and you got the big money behind you, Joe. You got fundraisers, you’re setting records all over. Joe, don’t sweat this stuff last night.”

So they tell Joe all that, and Joe is feeling pretty good. He’s able to discount what he saw, he can ignore the excitement, his advisers are telling him it doesn’t matter, and he’s gonna wipe the floor with Trump. Besides, he’s got all the big money. And then they discover something that they have to keep from him and they hope he never finds out about it.
Source: RushLimbaugh

Aw… poor Joe just can’t catch a break.

How tragic.

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