Dear Christian: You Might Be A Wuss, But Jesus Wasn’t

Written by Doug Giles on June 25, 2019

Don’t be fooled by the artwork that portrays a ‘hippie Jesus’. Jesus ‘meek and mild’ was no wuss.

If you think of Jesus as floating through life spouting aphorisms and walking around with a permanent Xanax haze — you’ve got the wrong guy.

The Son of Man survived 40 days sans food in the Israeli desert and whipped the Devil’s ass at the end of it.

The nails that held him to that cross punched through calloused hands. Those whips most certainly cut through a muscular back well-acquainted with hard work.

Was he tender with those who needed it? Sure. But he was fierce as a lion to unrepentant bigshots who thought they could push him around.

If that’s not the Jesus you’re hearing about at church on a Sunday, you really should check to see if they’re even talking about the same guy.

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