Democrats’ Knives Come Out For Biden Over Latest Gaffe

Written by Wes Walker on June 21, 2019

It was just a matter of time before somebody tried to play this card to take down their frontrunner.

After all, Old White Men ARE their favorite scapegoat. If someone can take him down AND score intersectionality points in the process, that’s a temptation they could hardly resist.

It all began with Joe Biden talking about working together with people who disagreed with him, much like the way they did that time he made the unforgivable ‘mistake’ of saying Pence was a nice guy.

It all started when 2020 election frontrunner Biden, while explaining how he missed “civility” in politics, reminisced about Sens. James O. Eastland and Herman Talmadge, two Southern Democrats who fiercely opposed racial integration. “I was in a caucus with James O. Eastland. He never called me ‘boy,’ he always called me ‘son,’” Biden said, seemingly signaling at the racist use of the word. “Herman Talmadge, one of the meanest guys I ever knew… Well, guess what? At least there was some civility… We didn’t agree on much of anything. We got things done.”
Source: Yahoo News

The fake news tried to paint Republicans as racists. As usual, they got it wrong (this time spectacularly).

But the real story was how — in response to Biden calling for working together — the Democrats are showing they can’t even work with each other.

Spartacus demanded an apology.

Booker, who has languished in the low-to-mid single digits in Democratic primary polls, said earlier Wednesday that it was “wrong” for Biden to use the two late senators as “examples of how to bring the country together.” Biden’s comments about being called “son” and not “boy” by Eastland were also inappropriate, Booker said.
Source: Bloomberg

Biden was having none of it.

“Apologize for what? Cory should apologize. He knows better,” Biden said at a Maryland fundraiser. “There’s not a racist bone in my body, I’ve been involved in civil rights my whole career. Period. Period. Period.”
Source: Bloomberg

And Booker shot back:

“What matters to me is that a guy running to be the head of our party, which is a significantly diverse and wondrous party, doesn’t understand or can’t even acknowledge that he made a mistake,” Booker said. “I know Joe Biden. He is better than this. And this is a moment he should have spoken to the issue, allowed everybody to learn from it and move on.”
Source: Bloomberg

He wants onlookers to come away thinking that Biden is not really committed enough to identitarian politics. Said differently, he’s not ‘woke’ enough.

Kamala Harris (who, though being descended from a plantation owner thinks America needs to introduce reparations) is the sort of typical liberal who thinks a man is forever defined by the worst of his sins. She, too, blasted him for his comment.

Tucker took the time to really blast the Democrats over it. (Starting at the 11:49 mark)

So, we weren’t the only ones thinking it, then.

If Biden catches Hell for being civil to elected officials (Democrats, even!) who were open bigots, but could cooperate on this or that issue of legislation, because you must never speak well of a bigot…

Then what’s their explanation of Robert Byrd — who was a freaking RECRUITER for the KKK having Democrats of the highest rank — Obama himself, even — paying homage at his funeral?

Dear CNN: Before You Crap On Trump, Explain What Obama Is Doing In This Pic

If bigoted attitudes were the stain that doesn’t wash out, what do you call being a RECRUITER for the KKK?

And for that matter, Doesn’t Burgess Owens have a point in saying the whole Democrat Party is irrevocably stained and should be made to pay some sort of restitution?

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