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Hey CNN: ‘Mystery Disease’ On Border Has Docs Stumped — Is THIS News?

Reports are that CDC hasn’t yet identified it, and the three people infected are held in quarantine while military guards protect the facility.

The list of medical ‘situations’ on our border is growing.

“There were some Congolese people caught crossing the border, it was suspected they had Ebola. In one facility there are three patients being held because they don’t know what they have. The CDC have been here to assess them. They are isolated, they only have certain specialists who can see them,” the medical professional tells Big League Politics.

“We’ve had an outbreak of mumps over here.”

“What scares me is what happens if we someone come over here with Ebola. We only need one person, and there’s a pandemic.”

“There was a female, 10 years old, who was found with 20 different types of semen inside her body. She was dispatched to a family member. The girl who was with her who was supposedly a family member was not really a family member, just someone who bought her from her family in Guatemala. These are real problems that exist here on the border. There are some people who are trying to leave jugs of water out here for them. A lot of these people come to this country needing help,” the professional stated.

…“There are a lot of people who come here from El Salvador, Guatemala who are in acute renal failure, they cannot walk. There are some who have come with cirrhosis of the liver. I’ve seen some patients who are almost at the point of dying with the cirrhosis that they have,” the medical professional stated. “The time and resources it takes up to treat them is massive.”

“A lot of these children come over here sick, you don’t catch the flu overnight, there’s an incubation period. A lot of these kids are already sick coming here. Right now, at least 2 percent are being taken up by people who are coming here illegally, somehow someway they do have insurance. We’re guessing that as soon as they come over here they get some kind of insurance, whatever they are not given we have to foot the bill here, and they are illnesses they have had for a while,” the professional stated.
Source: BigLeaguePolitics

So let’s be clear: we’ve got VERY serious medical problems attached to the people flooding over our border — many of them life-threatening, some of them posing danger to others.

That sounds like a ‘crisis on the border’ in our understanding of the terminology.

So, what are Democrats doing about it? Short answer — not much. Like their dear Obama, they were ‘leading from behind’ and doing some ‘community organizing’ to whip up the outrage mobs.

AOC was busy convincing a private company NOT to send beds to the ‘concentration camps’… while publishing discredited and staged pictures of her ‘wailing’ at the sight of these locations with her $600 watch and her make-up ‘just so’.

Depriving children of beds so she can stick it to Trump is so ‘woke’, amirite?

Ooops that backfired:

And then was Senator Pocahontas showing her priorities.

Always better to GRIPE about something than make any necessary policy changes, eh? THAT’s leadership material right there!

Just because that’s what your LAST guy did so much of the time, doesn’t make it right.

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Wes Walker

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