The State Of The State Of Oregon

Written by Allan Erickson on June 26, 2019

Oregon Gov. Brown’s experiment in radicalism is blowing up in her face.

Republicans in the Senate have stalled climate legislation for good reason, using tactics Democrats have used many times: blocking a quorum. The Governor responds by threatening Republicans with fines and arrest. Substantial support is swinging toward Republicans as a result.

Democrats, fearing a deteriorating situation, have launched a disinformation campaign, claiming ‘militia’ groups are threatening government officials at the Capitol in Salem, implying death threats, alleging the threat of violence. No evidence has so far been presented to substantiate the allegations.

The governor has closed the Capital using law enforcement front people as press secretaries. ‘Militia’ groups, now being slandered by Democrats, are in truth traditional patriots exercising their Constitutional rights. Democrats led by Brown are painting them as violent supremacists.

Patriots are rightly challenging the exercise of raw power displayed by the governor and Democrats.

The outstanding question: are there enough patriots in Oregon to confront and defeat Democrat dictators in Salem?

Allan Erickson
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