Econ 101: The Bernie Sanders Vs. Labor Spat Teaches A Valuable Lesson

Written by Wes Walker on July 23, 2019

Even socialists have no choice but to obey the basic laws of economics.

Leave it to an avowed socialist to personally become an object lesson for how his ideology cannot survive a brush with reality.

The Bernie Campaign has unionized. It’s funny, but it’s true. So committed are they to the cause of electing Bernie to micromanage the lives of We The People that they have organized to protect themselves against abuses BY the very person they want to elect into the highest office in the land.

(Nobody said they were bright.)

The staffers stuffing envelopes, knocking on doors and working phone banks did some quick math and noticed that they were NOT getting $15 an hour. They were getting closer to 13.

This is the same Bernie Sanders who has publicly shamed individual companies by name, insisting THEY need to pay more than the legal minimum wage. NOT a good look, Bernie.

After being publicly ridiculed over this, he came up with a solution. The solution his office came back with was EXACTLY the sort of thing everyone objecting to the $15 min wage SAID would happen if we raised the minimum wage.

It didn’t result in more PAY for the workers, it resulted in FEWER hours worked. Does that sound familiar, Seattle?

Even BERNIE’s office has to work within budget constraints.

But he’s still pushing for fifteen, huh?

Just wait until his employees hear about Rashaida Tlaib calling for $18 or $20. Hell, why stop there? Why not set minimum wage at $100?

We all KNOW the reason, don’t we? Or at least, we SHOULD.

That would have a devastating effect on the economy as a whole, not to mention our ability to trade. It would cripple the economy. But then again, as a member of the Democratic Socialists — that outcome does not really conflict with their mandate, does it? (We covered that mandate in THIS piece.)

Maybe these socialists should leave the economy to people who actually understand it — people do NOT want to stick a fork in it.

One last point of note in this story — the Democrats have come a long way from the party of JFK, haven’t they? The heirs of the guy who once famously said ‘ask not what your country can do for you’ is so accustomed to getting handouts that they would rather unionize and have their hours cut than volunteer for a cause they believe in.

Guess they don’t ‘believe’ in it quite as much as we thought. How much of this is a symptom of astroturfed ‘demonstrators’ getting a paycheck at the end of the day creating an expectation of quid-pro-quo even for basic campaign functions?

Not that we mind at all. If they’re too petty to put in any unpaid hours, that math works in our favor, doesn’t it?

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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