FLASHBACK: Buzz Aldrin PUNCHING A Conspiracy Theorist Is PURE FIRE

Written by Wes Walker on July 22, 2019

Telling a ‘Steely-eyed Missile man’ that his accomplishments are a lie and that he’s a coward is a BAD idea.

Doing it while you’re within reach of the man who’s honor and accomplishments you’re insulting is even LESS intelligent.

That generation of strap-yourself-to-a-rocket-and-pray-that-you-live-to-tell-the-tale heroes are nothing like the simpering stand-there-and-let-a-stranger-insult-you gutless wonders of generations that followed.

In his day, a man insults you to your face, and you shut him up.

And so he did.

Buzz Aldrin — who went to the moon 50 years ago — shut up the hoaxer whose only contribution to life was undercutting the accomplishments of others.

Buzz TRIED to be a gentleman. He was harassed by a jackwagon with a camera crew who demanded he play along with his little games and jump through his little hoops, demanding he ‘swear on the Bible’ that he walked on the moon.

He owed the little pissant with the camera (Bart Sibrel) no such obedience. Buzz tried to walk away. He came back. Buzz told him to leave him alone. Tried to get the concierge to get the guy out of his face. Sibrel pressed the issue again and again and again.

Then he called Buzz a coward and a liar. That was a mistake.

He shut him up — with his fist.

Not a bad swing for an older guy, either.

For those keeping score at home, it was 2002, and Buzz would have been in his 70s.

If you know any of those loopy ‘the moon landing was a fake’ lemmings, point them to our tribute to the anniversary of the Moon landing. Details You Probably DON’T Already Know About The Moon Landing

The retelling of the Space Race we reference in that piece takes a BLOWTORCH to his silly little conspiracy theory.

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