FLIRTING Is Now Considered By PC Court As SEXUAL ASSAULT – No, This Isn’t Satire

Written by Wes Walker on July 28, 2019

In case there weren’t already ENOUGH areas in life that political correctness had sapped the fun out of, they’ve set their sights on dating, too.

The very same people who say you’re a monster or a freak if you save yourself for marriage and think promiscuity is a bad idea now have a problem with smooth talkers who can talk a lady into ‘giving it up’.

Seriously, pick a lane, people!

If our society is at a point where no-strings hookups with strangers are now seen as an ‘acceptable’ part of the culture, then why are we complaining when some Cassanova knows how to sweet talk the clothes off a young lady?

But that’s exactly where we are today.

We reported previously on the John Doe / Jane Roe episode where he flirted with her over a couple of days, got her number, was given her dorm number, was invited to come over while the roomate was out, they were kissing and other things — she said stop, he did — and she came back with a condom before they got busy.

… he performed several sexual acts on her but stopped as soon as she asked and that she told him to stay in her room when she went to the bathroom and then provided him with a condom. The two engaged in sexual intercourse. After the encounter, Jane continued to flirt with John over text messages and allegedly told her friends she wanted to have sex with him again. The lawsuit claims Jane later changed her account of the sexual encounter to claim that John physically forced her into sex and that she tried to get away from him.

A hearing panel was convened, and John was denied due process, as have many students — he was not allowed to call witnesses in his defense or cross-examine his accuser or the witnesses against him. Jane was allowed to present “new information” during her testimony that had not been included in the information John received about the investigation, even though the two were both told explicitly not to bring up “new information.” Jane’s new evidence was her explanations for why she sent flirtatious texts to John before and after their encounter and “explain unfavorable and contradictory information in the packet,” John’s lawsuit states.

Feeling he had been treated unfairly by the process, he sued:

John was found responsible and suspended for one year. However, after the hearing, PSU’s Title IX Coordinator Chris Harris asked for a more detailed explanation of why John was found responsible, something that hadn’t been done before and was not outlined in the published disciplinary proceedings information.

The hearing panel’s chair told Harris that the “panel felt that the respondent’s continual flattery … constitutes cajoling,” giving several examples: “‘Haha nah you beautiful’ followed by two wink emojis, then followed by ‘I wanna be both’ and ‘You’re beautiful’ and [‘]I’m not that emotional, I could be both’ after she clearly stated ‘Still not gonna f*** u, friend’ followed by two squinting face with tongue emojis and her statement that [hooking up] ‘ruins friendships,[‘].”

So, let’s get this straight — in a world where being ‘sex-positive’ and being promiscuous are almost interchangeable terms (and sex-positivity is considered a virtue).

At the same time, using any tools of persuasion so that a girl who is playing ‘hard to get’ has become equated with forcible coercion of sex.

News flash, people. If persuasion really was the same as force, advertising would be the equivalent of armed robbery.

Welcome to 2019, where half of us have lost our minds and the rest wonder what will become of a nation in which the first half gets to vote.

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