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Hey CNN: Your Buddy Shaun King Dubbed A Domestic Terrorist ‘Martyr’ … Is That News?

Looks like he’s really embracing that ‘Talcum X’ nickname of his, eh?

There’s peaceful protesting and petitioning your government for redress, and then there’s this.

We all know that our favorite fake-black activist has a particular hate on for law enforcement. He’s a ‘Tweet first and ask questions later’ kind of cop accuser.

Remember that time he Doxxed an innocent cop that wasn’t even connected to the incident he was angry about? Oops. (It was an incident, BTW that video later exonerated the cops on.) Well, WE remember: Chick Says Cop Sexually Assaulted Her – Dash Cam Video Tells A Different Tale

Now that two ICE detention centers have been attacked over the week-end, one of them by a violent murderous thug who posted his ‘manifesto‘ in which he called himself an Anarchist and Antifa, King has something to say about the guy who tried to firebomb ice.

He’s invoking the word ‘martyr’.

Sadly, this isn’t satire. Shaun really is that dumb.

Does King even KNOW what he’s saying? He is praising armed rebellion against the Federal government, and he’s praising would-be cop-killers — cop-killers who would probably have taken a lot of the very lives he wanted to ‘liberate’ in the process with that propane tank bomb.

But it’s perfectly in line with things he’s said previously:

By any means necessary.

Who knows — King and his blue checkmark may have even been the one that gave the old ‘martyr’ the push he needed to launch his attack.

This is literally praising and inciting violence against our own government… cheering on people who need very little encouragement as it is.

This WILL get (more) people killed — people like the terrorist he so admires.

The ‘martyr’ was an Anarchist who would gladly start another civil war and bring down our government. Have you thought this through, there, Talcum X?

Revolutions are unpredictable things. There are plenty of places that tried it and ended up with something MUCH worse than what they thought they were signing on for. Just off the top of my head — Egypt’s Arab Spring led to a brief and violent rule by Muslim Brotherhood, Libya’s Ghadaffi was killed (remember Hillary’s creepy laugh?) which led to a failed state in which rival groups carved up the country by force. Cuba? Venezuela — did they get that ‘free and fair’ election they were promised last time, now that their citizens gave up their guns?


Talcum X gives more credence to the angry manifesto of one grizzled Antifa-connected anarchist claiming to back a righteous cause than any of the facts right before his face.

And he’s considered an ‘influencer’ with a Blue Check.


Welcome to 2019, where that gets to stay up, but these are ‘violations of TOS’… Cry-Bullies: Anatomy Of A Social Media Shakedown — And What We Can Do About It

Looks like those guys from Silicon Valley really weren’t kidding when they showed their hand: Leftists Want A ‘New Civil War’ – This Post Is Disturbing

Be careful what you ask for, there’s no telling where that ride takes you once it’s begun.

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Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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