Hey Dems: Dirty Movies Are A Massive Culprit In Carbon Emissions … Will They Be Banned Next?

Written by Wes Walker on July 14, 2019

Democrats have grand plans to jackhammer Americans for consuming energy in transportation and heating our homes — will they set their sights on this massive culprit?

We use energy to heat our homes — that’s hardly an ‘optional’ use of energy.

We use energy to commute to work and in trucks to ship goods around the country. Also, hardly ‘optional’.

But both of those energy uses will feel the blunt end of environmentalists’ pool cue.

Even COWS are apparently a problem, as we saw with the original Green New Deal rollout.

But what about massive drains of energy that are entirely voluntary… like pornography?

Watching adult films accounts for over 4 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions associated with digital technologies, says a new study.

“Climate crisis: The unsustainable use of online video”, a report published by French think-tank The Shift Project, highlights that pornography makes up 27 per cent of all videos viewed online.

Furthermore, online videos – one of the most common forms of online entertainment – are said to generate 60 per cent of world data traffic, based on 2018 estimates.

In other words, it means that they account for 300 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year (resulting from energy consumption), with porn ‘emitting’ just under 100 million tonnes – nearly as much as Belgium and Kuwait.

The authors point out that “viewing pornographic videos in the world in 2018 generated carbon emissions of the same magnitude as that of the residential sector in France”.
Source: SN

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the roles Netflix, Amazon and Google’s YouTube play in this problem, either.

Meanwhile, video-on-demand services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime reportedly generated the same volume of greenhouse gas emissions as the entire economy of Chile.

Digital technologies are estimated to be consuming 9 per cent more energy every year, but the situation is only going to get worse with the wider spread of ever-higher-resolution videos.
Source: SN

It will be interesting to see whether Climate Change protesters will tell people they can’t stream dirty movies anymore.

Interesting to see whether they’re going to tax the snot out of the Multi-Billion dollar porn industry, Google, and Netflix. And if they’re not… why not?

Shouldn’t it be easier to give up naughty movies than it would to give up, say, steak?

You’d think it was low-hanging fruit. If the Climate Crisis is such an urgent issue, shouldn’t attention be placed on the things nobody really needs?

What do you think the left would do if Trump called for a massive tax on these ‘big offenders’ to ‘carbon-free’ changes — using those revenues to fund research into alternative energy sources — commercial fusion reactors, for instance?

If Climate Change is such an important and imminent issue, shouldn’t the urgency be on limiting the unnecessary use of our consumption, and harnessing some of those untapped billions that porn rakes in rather than solving it on the backs of hardworking American people?

…’IF’ it’s such an important issue, that is.

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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