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Hey PartisanPress: Your Buddies At Antifa Just Beat Up A Reporter — Is THAT News?

They were targeting Andy Ngo by name the day before, and now he’s got a brain bleed — where are the Left and the LGBT to stand up for him?


Ironically — but not surprisingly — it’s the Right who are standing up for him and his rights as both a journalist and a citizen, while Christians are praying for his speedy recovery.

Andy Ngo has been doing something few reporters have been brave enough to do — chronicling the periodic riots (so-called ‘protests’) that arise when Antifa decides it’s time to terrorize Portland. (Notwithstanding the heroic courage a certain Jim Acosta assures us that he personally displays on nearly a daily basis.)

Here’s Mr. Ngo talking to police after the attack. (Where were they when it happened? Good question. Others have wondered the same thing.)

Andy was on hand because he knows the kind of havoc these thugs are capable of unleashing. Havoc like this man getting beaten bloody with a crowbar:

It was hardly the first time they were showing their violent side:

When he went to do his job and report on the ‘protest’ he got attacked, just as they promised he would. That speaks to premeditation in their violence. This tweet was posted BEFORE the event.

Notice, yours truly was concerned for him as well. (My tweet was Eastern Time Zone, for anyone keeping score.)

Since he’s a gay man targeted (by name) for violence by masked thugs during Pride Month, you’d expect the usual suspects on the Left to rush to his defense, right?

Not so much.

Oh, right. He’s a minority too. Did we not mention that yet? His parents were refugees from Vietnam.

“My mother came from a family that was labeled bourgeois or middle class. They owned a jewelry business in their home which was taken after the collapse of the South Vietnamese government,” Ngo said. “They were thrown into the labor camp. My mother was only 16 at that time.”

…“Even though I am a sexual minority and I’m a person of color, I come from a family who were refugees so I feel so lucky to be able to have been born and raised in this country,” Ngo said.

“So yeah, when I see the American flag, I feel a sense of pride and honor of being part of that. And I regret that a lot of people see it as a symbol of violence that should be burnt.”
Source: OPB

No wonder they don’t like him — he stands as a living repudiation of the Left’s identitarian victim-class politics.

And now they’ve turned the guy who’s very life repudiates the lie of their ‘oppressor’ narrative into an ACTUAL victim of PHYSICAL violence. Antifa, as we remember is the hate group that (former Maoist) Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and a few other Lefty broadcasters seem to have a soft spot for.

But Lemon somehow gets bent out of shape when Trump said ‘good people on both sides’ in a way that absolutely denounced violent extremism on left AND right.

Brian Stelter reported on the attack against Ngo — sort of. What he left out is more informative than what he actually included:

We’d consider that ‘deceptive editing’. Why would the ‘great defenders of free speech’ at the apples-and-bananas network want to hide the full extent of the violence perpetrated on a freaking colleague?

Has it not occurred to anyone there that it could have just as easily been one of their own that got attacked? Or maybe that’s the point.

The partisan hacks Snopes got caught dismissing it as merely an ‘alleged’ attack, despite video evidence to support it:

So what exactly did they DO to Andy Ngo? They beat the hell out of him, left him with a bleeding brain and they robbed him of his video equipment.

This reaction was typical of the Left:

And let’s not forget:

This might be a good time to bring up Biden’s explicit defense of Antifa on no less than the day he launched his bid to be President. Seemed cynical then. Seems straight-up dangerous now. Remember the video he launched with?

Opposite the white supremacists, he hails as heroes the other group of protesters some of whom were simple counter-protesters, but some of whom were the Antifa agitators who had an established reputation of violent confrontation with bystanders using pepper spray, blunt instruments, or even makeshift grenades with wine bottles and quarter sticks of dynamite. Real ‘heroic’ people you’re cheering there. — Video and text here: ClashDaily

If THIS is what the Left is offering as their vision of America’s future, it’s a good thing we’ve got a fighter running and not some milquetoast politician like the LAST two guys the Republicans dug up to represent us.

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