Hindu Priest BEATEN Outside His Temple – Libs BLAME … Trump?!

Written by Wes Walker on July 23, 2019

And why not? He gets blamed for everything else these days, why not this, too?

Over the weekend, a Black elected Democrat lady got chewed out for being inconsiderate and using the express lane when she has more items than are allowed in the lane.

And it was ‘Trump’s fault’, you see.

(It’s ‘Trump’s fault’ even if the ‘white’ man who ‘told her to go back where she came from’ never ACTUALLY say that, wasn’t ACTUALLY white (he’s Cuban), AND is a lifelong Democrat with every intention of staying that way. Despite all of those details she got wrong, it’s still somehow proof of Trumpian influence and the latest buzzwords: ‘White Supremacy’. Sadly, had local reporters not found the guy, her story could expect to be trotted out as ‘irrefutable’ evidence of Trump/Republican bigotry.)

Now a violent attack in Queens is being blamed on — you guessed it — President DJT.

Ask any traditional conservative and they will tell you that random violence on strangers is NEVER cool. That’s the domain of the masked protesters rioters the Left tends to attract.

Violence, from our perspective, is to be a last resort in the defense of self or others. This malicious attack was neither. Watch the news report attempting to tie this attack to President Trump and Trump supporters in general:

Some guy kicked the crap out of a Hindu priest. Not cool. And within a New York minute, they pivoted the story to blame the President for it. Because — why wouldn’t they?

Really? Trump is somehow responsible for whipping up animosity against *checks notes* — Hindus? When have you ever heard him say ANYTHING bad about India?

How quickly people forget that of ALL of Trump’s appointees, Nikki Haley was one of the favorites among his base and is EVEN sometimes mentioned as a future Presidential possibility. Who was she? She was the Ambassador to the UN — who happened to be of Indian ethnicity.

So to say Trump is somehow whipping up anti-Hindu sentiment? You’re gonna need to produce some compelling evidence. Something more convincing than but he made some ‘mean tweets’. He makes those to all SORTS of people.

Considering the spike in violent attacks against JEWISH people in New York, (Including Queens) the ‘compassionate Left’ might want to think twice before rushing to pin blame on anyone. After all, it was only last March that Pelosi denounced as ‘racist’ the anti-Jewish BDS movement that AOC and Rashida Tlaib are now proposing.

Connecting THOSE dots would be irresponsible, but at least they have something credible underlying the accusation of racism.

More damning still was the fact that an ANTIFA member with a Manifesto firebombed an ICE Detention Center with plans of causing mass murder in the name of ‘the cause’ — invoking precisely the same language that the Democrats’ own media darlings have been leveling at ICE agents.

THAT attack ended in violence and one death. It would have done far more damage had law enforcement not stopped him from completing his intended task.

There is at least a logical and ideological connection — if not a causal one — between THAT act and Their ideas. But you don’t hear the media asking Democrats if they’re planning to tone down their rhetoric, do you?

And nobody blamed Democrat policy or rhetoric when Scalise was nearly shot dead at baseball practice by a Bernie Bro with a hit list of Republican names on it. His outrage over Obamacare spilled out into murderous intent.

Nah. No connections are drawn to those or at any of the Black-block anti-Trump protests pepper-spraying strangers. And yet somehow — SOMEHOW — the media can know with absolute certainty that this one senseless assault on a Hindu Priest is somehow Trump’s fault.

Is it any wonder we’ve written them off as ‘fake news’?

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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