LMAO: Fox News Anchor Tells Her Lib Critics To ‘F*** OFF On Hot Mic And It’s Hilarious

Written by Wes Walker on July 16, 2019

Whoops. She forgot the first rule of broadcasting — assume the mic is always on. But here’s why we kinda love it anyway.

Sometimes people slip up and say things with the microphone on that they wish they hadn’t.

Sometimes it’s harmless but somewhat embarrassing, like the recent Democratic Debates that got twitter trolled over their open mic, or like that time Obama called Kanye ‘a jackass‘.

Other times it can be humiliating — remember ‘Stop The Hammering? ‘ Or that time Obama (again) forgot he was wearing a mic and told the Russians he’d have more flexibility after the election? “I will transmit this information to Vladimir” was the response.

But sometimes, you hear things saying something that is thoroughly politically incorrect, but pretty awesome anyway.

Like this anchor who’s supposed to kiss the collective asses of certain critics. She’s not having it. She’s not caving into the pressure of Crybullies.

Good for her. As was famously said, ‘it only encourages the bastards‘.

Kari Lake from Fox 10 in Phoenix, Arizona can be heard saying ‘f*** them, they’re dopes’ as she was warned by her bosses over negative article appearing about her in a local newspaper.

Lake was referring to journalists from the Phoenix New Times who reportedly revealed she had created an account on a social media platform mainly used by people whose Twitter accounts have been deactivated for extreme views.

Discussing an order from her managers to delete the account during the broadcast, however, the Emmy Award-winning anchor said: ‘That’s a rag for selling marijuana ads.’

Lake and her co-host, John Hook, were set to appear in a Facebook Live video but did not realize they were already being filmed.

The Fox 10 host received criticism earlier this month after it was revealed Lake still holds an account on Parler, an alternative to Twitter favored by Trump supporters and right-wing extremists.

News flash: It’s actually favored by people who don’t think some stranger should get to decide what is (or is not) ‘acceptable speech’.

Here she is, uncensored:

It’s pretty clear that having your Twitter deactivated is a hardly a measurement of ‘extreme views’.

Shaun King can call a domestic terrorist a ‘martyr’ and still keep his blue check, but push back against some random stranger who calls you a ‘lice infested white supremacist’ and you wind up in Twitter Jail: Cry-Bullies: Anatomy Of A Social Media Shakedown — And What We Can Do About It

Go figure.

It tells us something important about the lack of spine in the management levels of the free press, and what they REALLY think about First Amendment associations of their own news personalities.

Good for you, Kari. Let the public see that someone isn’t going to be intimidated by their wolf-pack intimidation tactics. It’s when people stop responding to a bully’s threats that the bullies lose power.

And if there’s ANYONE whose hands we want to keep ALL MANNER of coercive power OUT of these days, it’s the cry-bullies on the left.

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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