Mueller Report: Democrats’ Great White Hype Fails To Deliver

Written by Wes Walker on July 25, 2019

Except for the most delusional Kool-Aid drinking Democrats (looking at you, Rachel Maddow!)  their side knows they had their butts handed to them at the Mueller hearings.

Weak, confused answers leave the public wondering whether he REALLY lead the investigation, or was just some other guy’s figurehead sock puppet.

Poor Michael Moore.

He was so upset by the hearings that he tweeted about them. The president was enjoying the spectacle and couldn’t help himself. He saw MOORE’s tweet and shared it.

Ok, so what was the game plan for the Democrats? Mueller had handed them a dry document to work with that nobody cares about and even fewer have even read. Since nobody ‘read the book’ they were hoping ‘the movie’ would get better traction.

Don’t forget, this is EXACTLY what they tried to accomplish before, with this train wreck:

‘Shockingly’, that approach failed. Badly.

Hopefully, they could get Mueller to read it in his own words and add some plausible gravitas and drama to their anti-Trump attacks.

Republican twitter thought that plan crashed and burned in a hilarious fail. Even David Axelrod agreed, well, except for the ‘hilarious’ part:


Ted Lieu, predictably, showed us usual contempt for facts, truth and the American public:

Ted Lieu also posited a falsehood so egregious that Mueller himself went out of his way to correct it in a later series of questioning after the fact:

We remind Ted that without a finding of ‘guilty’ even those who have had actual criminal charges placed against them are merely called ‘accused’ and not ‘felons’. Dummy.

We remind you that after what, $30M worth of investigation and FBI horsepower, the evidence STILL did not rise to the level of indicating he had likely committed a crime.

Narrator: No, no they couldn’t.

Of course, the media dutifully did what they so often do.

As one example, NowThis (originally founded by two Huffpo execs) stepped in to shield their beloved Democrats when they got in over their heads and tried to rescue the narrative.

In this case, that required perpetuating the very same lie Mueller himself just went out of his way to correct. Great job, guys.

Wouldn’t Pravda be proud!

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