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Mueller Report: Republican Questions Take Robert To School

Even Democrats like David Axelrod admit the hearings went badly for them.

You could see from the Democrats’ scripted responses that they were working very hard to generate some soundbites and frame the President as some sort of a scheming criminal, with their refrain ‘no one is above the law’ the obvious intended takeaway.

But what anyone who watched it will probably remember most is Mueller’s repeated mantra of … ‘could you repeat the question‘?

The much-vaunted Mueller, who was supposedly the Democrats’ ace in the hole (or, ‘insurance policy’ if you prefer) who was supposedly all but guaranteed to take down the 45th President of the United States looked positively feeble and frail when the Democrats finally unveiled their secret weapon.

Not only did Republicans run rings around Mueller with some of their questions, (the ones he bothered to answer) but even the Democrats had to help him out with his answers.

One was trying to underscore Mueller’s credentials and asked which President had first appointed him, he asked ‘Senator?’, so the question was repeated. He replied ‘Bush?’ — the questioner eventually provided the correct answer — “Reagan”. Ouch.

The whole investigation was supposed to be about Russia and their inappropriate influence in the elections, right? You might reasonably expect he would have looked into the Russian connections into the very document that launched nation into this whole mess, right? Sure, if he was really interested in the TRUTH, he might have. But that simply wasn’t on the menu. He was too busy looking into taxi medallions and such.

Don’t hold your breath:

Here are some other clips where Republicans had Mueller on the ropes, in no particular order:

Jim Jordan — with questions about the very event that supposedly launched the investigation in the first place, (when all evidence points to Mifsud NOT being a Russian agent) asks why Mifsud’s lies didn’t land him in the same legal hot water as others who had lied:

This one SCORCHED him:

The very bedrock principles of American jurisprudence was undermined by his investigation and more importantly, the report.

Why lawful reason would his office have to notify CNN of a pending arrest? Is ‘no’ really that hard to say, or does he know that would be perjury?

And about that ‘did not exonerate’ line that’s gotten so much mileage in smearing the president with presumed guilt? That came up too.

With so much of the Democrats’ effort focussed on alleged ‘obstruction’, we just can’t leave this clip out. It is much shorter and is set to music. Break out the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ theme:

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