Tree Humpers and PETA Attack ‘Mark The Shark’ For Keeping The Beaches SAFE

Written by Wes Walker on July 26, 2019

Big, toothy monsters are a staple of scary blockbuster films. They scare us because we love the water, but are never sure what lurks beneath the waves.

Not long ago we shared a story about a young woman whose life was forfeit not far from her family because some of these toothy monsters decided she was on the menu on a vacation trip. Like PETA, she had an interest in protecting animal life. HORRIBLE: What Happened To Her In The Bahamas Is The Stuff Of NIGHTMARES

Animal life had no interest in returning the favor. And even the places you THINK are safe — aren’t quite as safe as you think they are… not even the INSIDE of a diving cage: WATCH: Great White Gets In Bro’s Shark Cage – Epic Footage


Mark the Shark, as he’s known, is one of the best fishing guides out there. He takes anyone from the age of three or older out into the deep where they take on — whatever’s lurking under the waves.

Unlike what you’ll see in some other companies, this isn’t factory fishing draining the oceans dry. Why would he? His entire livelihood is built around skimming the waves and pulling big, toothy monsters out of it, after all.

His success has not gone unnoticed, and it will not go unpunished by the eco-zealots in PETA who now have him in their cross-hairs.

This is the danger of the outrage mob. They have no skin in the game. In fact, the fact that they target and harass (Alinsky-like) individual businesses for destruction and (if they get their way) bankruptcy actually BUILDS their business model.

On his Instagram account, he says this:marktheshark:

Oh boy…Looks like I got the vegans and peta googs upset again. What should I do now??
These people actually do exist !

Wouldn’t it be a crying shame if PETA’s attempt to destroy his business were to backfire and actually drive more his way? If people who had never stepped foot off of dry land decided what the hell, let’s see what all the excitement is about and fell in love with the sport of deep-sea fishing?

Yeah, a crying shame. Especially since his Miami-based services go anywhere from three-year-old kids to professional anglers, and is even set up to accommodate people with disabilities. And even venture out into the deep water for those who want head out there.

It would be a real shame if anyone ever visited his website, too, which, conveniently enough, is called: Mark The Shark. We’ve linked it for ya. You know, ‘just in case’.

With malevolent tactics like PETA’s — tactics that single out US citizens for destruction — is it time they forfeit their tax status?

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