Tucker Carlson BLASTS Rep. Ilhan Omar After She Calls Him “A RACIST Fool” And Tries To SHUT DOWN His Show

Written by K. Walker on July 11, 2019

The left isn’t even pretending anymore. They want speech they don’t like removed.

Rep. Ilhan Omar(D-MN) wants Tucker Carlson’s wildly popular Fox News opinion show shut down for what she has labeled “white supremacist” rhetoric. She has called it “dangerous” and used the tactic from the Media Matters playbook to call on advertisers to boycott the show.

But first, she called him a “racist fool.”

Hmmm… shutting down a member of the press. That sounds a bit authoritarian, doesn’t it?

Jim Acosta is on tour attempting to sell his book his about how the Trump administration is such a dark time for journalists. Where was he when Obama was issuing subpoenas on the phone records of reporters, outright spying on journalists that were digging a little too close to a story he didn’t want out, bullying them, or just blaming Fox News for, well, everything?

Maybe he was visiting Cuba sipping on a girlie drink, snapping some selfies, and admiring their basic dictatorship.

But, I digress…

Omar’s shutting down of Carlson’s show also seems a wee bit unconstitutional.

Maybe she’s just not aware of the First Amendment, or that Freedom of Speech includes “hate speech.”

Not that what Carlson said was hate speech, no matter what those on the left say.

Omar is calling criticism of her “hate speech” because, to the intersectional left that don’t see ideas but instead views the entire world through the lens of race, gender, sexual identity and orientation, those are the only reasons to criticize anyone. It’s not because you think their policy is wrong or their viewpoint is skewed, you are, as Dan Bongino says, an “istiphobic-phobiphobe.”

This “he’s-a-xenophobe” tactic is one that she has leveled against anyone that opposes her, even a leftwing, cheerleading newspaper, the Minnesota Star Tribune, that reported on state documents that seemed to confirm rumors that Omar married her brother in order to commit immigration and student loan fraud.

But what Tucker Carlson did was much, much worse. He showed who Ilhan Omar really is — an ungrateful, unpatriotic, anti-semitic opportunist that doesn’t like the United States and wants to dismantle the ideals that have made this country great.

I guess that target #1 is the First Amendment.

Newsweek reported:

Tucker Carlson devoted nearly half of his Fox News show on Wednesday to taking down Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minn.) after the freshman congresswoman called him a “racist fool.”

The host’s opening statement on Tucker Carlson Tonight began with a rebuke of Omar, who earlier on Wednesday had accused him publicly of levying “white supremacist rhetoric” and called him a “racist fool.” Rather than limit the segment to a response to her comments, Carlson dedicated more than 20 minutes of his hour-long show to taking down Omar, with three separate guests weighing in.

Source: Newsweek

From the video:

CARLSON: Our country rescued Ilhan Omar from the single worst place on earth. We didn’t do it to get rich, in fact, it cost us money. We did it because we are kind people. How did Ilhan Omar respond to the remarkable gift we gave her? She scolded us and called us names. She showered us with contempt. It’s infuriating but more than that, it’s also ominous.

The United States admits more immigrants than any country on Earth — more than a million a year. The Democratic Party wants us to increase that number and admit far more.

Americans like immigrants, but immigrants have got to like us back. That’s the key, it’s essential — otherwise, the country falls apart…

…The left went berserk; they hate it when you say the true things. Ilhan Omar and her allies in Congress immediately demanded that this show be pulled off the air. They didn’t rebut what we said, any of our points, or even acknowledge them. They just tried to silence us. That’s how they operate, and of course, they called us “racist.”

On one level that’s amusing, given how absurd the charge is. This show, more than any other show on television, has taken an aggressive position in favor of color-blind equality and against racism, particularly the casual racism of the modern left. We despise the current habit of judging people on the basis of their skin color. It’s wrong. We say that virtually every night. Racist? No. We’re against racism. Adamantly.

Omar consistently puts her own race at the center of the conversation, but to us, it’s irrelevant…

…It’s not about race, but of course, Omar and her friends already know that. Nothing they say on the subject of race is sincere; it’s all the hustle designed to get them what they want. Omar has made a career by denouncing anyone or anything in her way as racist, that would include virtually all of her political and personal opponents. Omar may be from another country, but she learned young that crying racism pays. The bigger question is, “Who taught her that?”…

…The Left did that to her — and to us. Blame them first.

But Tucker was just getting started.

Watch Tucker’s awesome takedown of Ilhan Omar.

That. Was. Epic.

It’s pretty rich that Ilhan Omar is calling people that criticize her as a racist “white supremacist” because she’s been repeatedly using anti-Semitic rhetoric — just like real white supremacists do — and hasn’t really apologized for it.

Fox News contributor and editor of Townhall, Guy Benson, noted that.

I don’t always agree with Tucker, but he’s done one helluva job showing how she hides behind cries of racism and Islamophobia to silence her critics. That is a disgusting practice, and it has been normalized. Even Social Media(D) will allow people to be baselessly called “white supremacists” for non-left political views. 

Tucker doling out the truth while kicking back at his enemies reminds me of someone…

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