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Unexplained Explosion Shreds South Florida Shopping Mall — Here’s The 411

Witnesses described the explosion as being ‘like the world was coming to an end’. Concrete was flung a hundred yards and more.

While some initially dismissed it as simply a gas explosion, ATF and a bomb squad showed up, and we are still looking for answers. They’re not ruling anything out.

Fortunately, no fatalities are reported, although it happened off a busy street next to a fitness center.

The building that was flattened was a vacant pizzeria that has stood empty for eight months.

Like a bomb went off.

Authorities initially said they thought a gas leak caused the explosion that rocked a Plantation shopping center, injured 23 people, destroyed businesses and knotted traffic for miles. A formal finding on the cause is still to come.

Rescue crews found patients scattered across a debris field that stretched for a few hundred yards. Yet they were surprised to find no one had been killed.

The center of the mysterious explosion appeared to be a former restaurant, Pizzafire, at Market on University, 1025 South University Drive.

Agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, along with the Broward Sheriff’s bomb squad, were investigating into the evening.

“We suspect it was a (gas leak,)” said Plantation Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Joel Gordon, relaying the discovery of a ruptured gas line. “We haven’t ruled out anything yet.”

It could have been much worse. A neighboring computer learning facility for children called Code Ninjas was closed for the day. Good thing, too, it was destroyed in the explosion.

In all, 23 people were injured and thankfully, most of the injuries seem to have been minor.

Gordon said first responders treated “what we call classic blast-related injuries,” such as ringing ears and cuts and bruises from flying debris.

No broken bones were reported, but one man used a makeshift tourniquet to stop the bleeding from a shrapnel wound, he said.

“The injuries were not as severe as we would have thought they would be,” Gordon said.

Source: South Florida Sun Sentinel

There was significant damage to other nearby buildings.

The blast was enough that the building at the center of it all was stripped down to its metal frame.

When all the dust is settled, what are you expecting authorities to rule on the cause?

And while the experts sort out fact from fiction in South Florida, we’ve got someone else doing the same in DC.

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