2020 Dem Hopeful Sends Out Donation Mailer Within 24hrs Of Shootings — Is That OK?

Written by Wes Walker on August 5, 2019

Like Rham Emanuel, Kamala is unwilling to let a serious crisis go to waste.

Less than 24 hours after the mayhem in El Paso, Ghoulish Politicians were already looking for ways to cash in on the tragedy.

They were taking shots at political rivals, blaming people, statements, and ideas for the murders long before the police themselves had a chance to wrap their arms around events.

One candidate was announcing to us all that she was going to personally fix this problem when she gets her cold little hands on the levers of political power.

As one of her fans on that particular thread reminds us:

“That’s why she is running for President and why she fully intends to win. And when she is elected she will give Congress 100 days to act or else she will take executive action. She is doing what she has to do to finally end this.”

“Finally end this.”

Is she planning to resolve the problem of evil in the human heart? A bold plan indeed!

No. Of course not. She’s planning to take guns out of the hands of the public because she doesn’t think the public needs them.

It, like everything else an authoritarian does, ‘is for our own good’.

But it gets worse. She cares so VERY much for the suffering of the victims that she sent this out (and you can be sure some of her rivals did as well) to her mailing list in response to the shooting over the weekend.

It’s a fundraising mailer sent out while the bodies are, what, still unidentified? Were next of kin even contacted yet?

Pushback by her supporters has been pretty stiff — ‘she’s just collecting money for donations’, they say. Do you buy it?

We’re supposed to pretend these anti-2A groups are not just another flavor of Democrat activists about as impartial to party as say Planned Parenthood?

She gets nothing out of it? NOTHING? There’s no quid-pro-quo favor-swapping of any kind? No stumping for her? No pledges of support for her candidacy? Of providing volunteers? Of targeting potential rivals?

What about anyone on her list that forwards her email so friends can donate to the ’cause’. How valuable do you suppose those additional names (and emails!) snagged ‘in the name of charity’ will be to Kamala’s campaign?

We already know who this woman is.

She’s in a cutthroat politician in the Clintonian mold. Power at any price.

She smeared Biden as a ‘racist’ and then walked it back after the damage is done. She’s dangerous because fighting for the most prominent job in the country, and she thinks she’s got a shot. God help anyone who stands in her way.

Is she willing to lie and manipulate the public to get what she wants? Of course she is:

She once told us she smoked pot in college while listening to music that hadn’t been written yet.

Are we REALLY supposed to believe this mailer is motivated by altruism? That there is anything in the campaign not entirely choreographed by her and/or her advisors?

You might accept that at face value.

But we’re not buying it.

In fact, we don’t take anything about her at face value. Even her DAD had to go public to correct the record… more than once:

Sen. Kamala Harris’s DAD Is Upset That She’s Pushing The Stereotype Of ‘Pot-Smoking Jamaicans’

REPARATIONS: Kamala Harris’s Dad Reveals They Are Descended From A SLAVE OWNER

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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