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News Clash

BREAKING: The Medical Examiner’s Official Cause Of Epstein’s Death Has Been Released

Will this be enough to finally put the questions to rest? Or will it only prompt more?

With the media circus that’s surrounded it, it’s hard to believe that it’s been less than a week since Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell.

Every time we turned around, another data point took us in stranger and stranger directions.

The gulf between the explanation of bureaucratic incompetence, ineptitude, corner-cutting and cover-up and the suspicious death of a wealthy and powerful man who allegedly had dirt on very powerful people and was said by his own lawyers to have been attacked by his cellmate on the recent neck injury that had been reported as a suicide attempt keeps getting wider.

As one twitter user summed up so succinctly:

Now that we’ve had a week of drama, what is the OFFICIAL STORY?

The Medical Examiner’s official report indicates that he committed suicide, hanging himself in his cell.

Does that explanation satisfy you, or does this still not add up?

Here are some of the twists and turns that got us here:

Wes Walker

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