BREAKING: There’s Been A Second Arrest In Connection To The Dayton Shooting

Written by Wes Walker on August 12, 2019

Police have traced the purchase of key gun parts to someone besides the dead shooter himself.

The man is being identified as a ‘friend’ of the dead guy, but authorities have stopped short of saying they knew about his intention to go on the killing spree, as there is ‘no evidence of that’. He thought he was just helping the (eventual) killer to hide the purchase from his parents.

The man in question, Ethan Kollie, 24, allegedly bought body armor, an AR-15 accessory and a 100 round drum magazine for the shooter in May, the Department of Justice said.

…According to Glassman, Kollie was interviewed by authorities on Aug. 4. At that time, he told them that he purchased the items for Betts. While speaking with Kollie, FBI agents noticed a bong and a pistol in his home. They also smelled marijuana, Glassman said.

FBI agents spoke with Kollie again on Aug. 8, when he told them that he had taken “hard drugs” with Betts “four or five times” weekly for a number of years. He also told the agents that he had smoked marijuana almost daily over a period of 10 years.

The FBI then sourced a copy of the ATF form that Kollie filled out to purchase the pistol that the agents saw in his home. Kollie indicated on this form that he did not use any narcotic drugs.

“Anyone who is discovered to have any criminal culpability for any act that ultimately is discovered through the investigation or contributed in anyway to the events on August 4th is going to be held criminally responsible,” Glassman said.
Source: Yahoo

Ethan faces the following charges:

  1. Possession of a firearm by an unlawful user/addict of a controlled substance.
  2. Making a false statement regarding firearms.

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