Brian Stelter Accidentally Gives Powerful Argument AGAINST The Red Flag Laws

Written by Wes Walker on August 29, 2019

Brian Stelter, despite all his dumbassery, may have done us all a big favor. — Accidentally, of course.

His quixotic plan to defame the President by bringing in mental ‘professionals’ to denounce him may have backfired against him… beautifully. Although, if we’re talking about STELTER, maybe the world ‘unwittingly’ is more apropos than ‘accidentally’.

After all, nearly witless as he is, most everything the man does, he does without ‘wit’.

What he INTENDED to offer as proof of the President’s unfitness, accidentally exposed a gaping flaw in their gun-grabbing policy.

Here’s what CNN aired:

On Brian Stelter’s show with the astoundingly ironic nomenclature, Reliable Sources, a guest suffering from a severe case of TDS was permitted to say that President Trump was perhaps worse than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Stelter allowed the comment to slide, as well as the quip that comparing Trump to people suffering from mental illness is “insulting” to the mentally ill who already suffer from stigmas. The guest also says that the fact that Trump was elected at all is “crazy” and that his policies are “crazy”. Did Stelter call out his guest for saying these things?

It only got MORE embarassing from there. The next day, Stelter gave some lame excuse of ‘not hearing’ what his guest said about Trump responsible for the deaths of millions (technical problems, you see) but doubled down on the point he REALLY liked about the President (who, if you recall his ‘stable genius’ tweets undertook a psych evaluation and passed with flying colors). He proceeded to paint the President as a raving nutjob.

But that presents a problem for a DIFFERENT point he was trying to make.

Yo see, not long ago, the National media outlets locked onto a new narrative. Over the course of a weekend, they reported a mass shooting in El Paso which they like to reference, another one in Dayton they try not to scrutinize too closely (because of what we know about the killer’s motivations) and some other mass shootings in Chicago that never made the news at all.

But that fateful weekend gave the gun-grabbers a new favorite talking point: Red Flag Laws.

And now, Brian, in his eagerness to deep-six the President just gave the game away. He has single-handedly proven why Red Flag laws are a particularly dangerous tool — especially when they fall into the wrong hands.

Had anyone bothered to ask the people who have already suffered at the hands of a vindictive relative or in a nasty divorce case where a false accusation was thrown against a gun owner, and his life was flipped upside down because of it, we would already be well aware of the danger.

Or you could ask the father of six who was locked up for 82 days and lost his job because he brought some honey home from Jamaica in his suitcase, but he was accused of smuggling Methamphetamine.

Sometimes, even WITH due process, people get it wrong. How much more with a ‘red flag’ law where you don’t even get your day in court before being stripped of your rights?

But Stelter, in bringing his ‘experts’ onto his show took the argument right to its jugular.

We now live in a world where even ‘professionals’ will put party before professionalism. You need look no further than the weaponizing of the FBI, CIA, and IRS against political rivals to know this.

Journalists have LONG since stopped even pretending to be non-partisan — the ‘Paper Of Record’ got caught with their pants down by having a meeting leaked where they admitted the editorial policy of the past two years (nailing Trump for Russian Collusion) was going to ‘pivot’ to a ‘Trump is Racist’ narrative for the next two years. Facts and data be damned.

If a shrink on Stelter’s show can throw around the word ‘crazy’ at someone whose politics he hates — and by extension, the 63 million who voted for him — what stops some OTHER ‘professional’ with a political ax to grind from signing off on a document that tells us Republicans are (all) too mentally unstable to be trusted not to be a danger to themselves and others with a firearm?

And they will tell us all with solemn faces that of course, they don’t oppose the Second Amendment. They just want to make sure that the people they consider ‘dangerous’ should not have access to a firearm.

And it would all be done ‘for the public good’ dontcha know.

Well, Stelter… thank you for shining a spotlight on exactly WHY we shouldn’t trust you as far as we can throw you.

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