Canada’s Lamest ex-PM Hopes Hurricane Dorian Will Hit Mar-A-Lago

Written by Wes Walker on August 30, 2019

Clearly, this chick is no Margaret Thatcher. Hell, she almost makes Hillary Clinton look like leadership material.

They say that Twitter brings out the worst in people.

Maybe that’s true. Or maybe it just rips the mask off and shows the world just what kind of garbage people even our most prominent personalities really are.

We’ll come back to exactly how much of a loser she is in a moment, but first, let’s focus on what she said.

Kim Cambell, upon seeing hurricane Dorian bear down on Florida tweeted the following:

Good job, Kim. While everyone else is hoping that it MISS any major population areas, your irrational personal animus for the President has a deep need to see him suffer.

And then she doubled down.

…more than once.

Look at Mar-A-Lago on a map. Now look at the size of this hurricane. How many major cities would here idealized ‘direct hit’ on Mar-A-Lago hammer with winds or flooding? How many lives destroyed?

Hurricanes aren’t like some little tornado that can flatten one side of the street and leave the other side unscathed. This is a monster storm. You are basically throwing, for example, Ft Lauderdale under the bus because, what, Orange Man Bad? You heartless freaking harridan.

Oh, what, you don’t like his environmental policies? You’re still pissed about the Paris Accord? News flash, genius, you’ll want to check out the ‘environment’ chapter on Would Jesus Vote For Trump and find out why even those OTHER countries that point their bony fingers at America are doing LESS to manage their carbon output and other environmental damage than that ‘dirty, nasty, evil’ United States of America.

Here’s what the anti-Trump crowd WON’T tell you about Canada’s first female Prime Minister.

Their elections work a little differently than ours here in the states. You don’t get to vote for the Prime Minister, you vote for the political party, and whichever party gets the most seats, has their leader run the show.

She was never elected as Prime Minister. She inherited that position when her predecessor stepped down as PM. Since the same party was in power, she won the nomination as leader of the party… and only served as Prime Minister for five months.

How badly did she do? Not only did she LOSE the election and serve as PM for only five months, but she lost in a landslide that would have made McGovern openly mock her.

She literally broke her own party. After the election, her party had (out of a total of 338 seats) only TWO elected officials. Her party was gone forever. Two new parties rose from the wreckage, including a separatist party.

The seeds for the destruction were there before she took leadership, but she did nothing to fix it.

And now that she’s tweeting, we can all see that she’s not just a garbage LEADER, a factoid answer from the footnotes of forgotten history, but she’s a garbage PERSON, too!

Thanks for ripping that mask off, there Kim. You can return to obscurity now. Bye.

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