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Dear America: Do You Prefer The ‘Mike Pence Rule’ Or The ‘Ilhan Omar Rule’ Of Personal Conduct?

Pence was called “old fashioned” and even misogynistic, but Omar is only being “picked on” because she’s a Muslim woman of color.

Since the story of Ilhan Omar’s alleged affair with married political consultant Tim Mynett, many people have been condemning the Congresswoman for being a home-wrecker.

Omar has refused to address the scandal and said yesterday as the news broke, except to say that she hasn’t left her husband for Mynett and is not dating anyone despite the damning claims by Mynett’s estranged wife in the divorce petition.

When asked in a Tuesday interview with CBS Minnesota if she was separated from her husband or dating anyone. the Minnesota Democrat said: “No, I am not. As I said yesterday, I have no interest in allowing the conversation about my personal life to continue and so I have no desire to discuss it.”

Omar, 37, also refused to discuss accusations that she married her brother to commit immigration fraud.

It was reported in July that Omar had split with her first husband, Hirsi, for a second time. Hirsi refused to comment when asked about the alleged split, saying, “I’m sorry, I just can’t say anything.”

Hirsi was at the center of an investigation by the Washington Examiner in June that found evidence based on dozens of documents that he still lived with Omar even after their divorce and the congresswoman’s marriage to a second man, Ahmed Elmi.

Source: washington Examiner

Remember, the New York Post reported that she and Mynett waited until Dr. Beth Mynet was out of town, then met with Mynett’s son. Omar brought him a gift and then they all went back to the Mynett family home.

It appears that there is quite a bit to this story including her campaign paying almost a quarter of a million dollars to her lover’s political consulting company, E Street Group LLC.

It is interesting to note that among that approximately $230,000 Omar’s campaign has paid the E Street Group, over $20,000 was listed as “travel expenses.” Dr. Beth Mynett claims is her husband was traveling with Rep. Omar, not for business purposes, but because of their affair.

Several people have suggested that Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab-wearing piety seems feigned if she has had a fairly open affair with a married man. They’ve noted that she would face a severe penalty under Sharia law — 100 lashes or stoning, or 100 lashes and stoning,  depending on who you ask.

The one thing that no one has been talking about is that this wouldn’t have happened with Vice President Mike Pence. 

The Vice President was mocked for his strict code of conduct around members of the opposite sex. He refuses to eat a meal alone with a woman that is not his wife, period. The rule stems from his own devout religious beliefs and in the importance of fidelity to his wife. It’s the same rule that Rev. Billy Graham had put in place and many evangelicals follow. Vice President Pence was condemned for “excluding women from informal meetings” and not “mentoring” women.

And then #MeToo happened.

The #MeToo movement, which began with the laudable goal of exposing the blatant sexual abuse of women, transformed into a feeding frenzy of accusations of everything from awkward flirting to sex they regret (many instances of this) to complete fabrications.  Other men in power suddenly saw the wisdom in the self-imposed rule. This has brought even more criticism of the rule by women in power who can be just as bad as men, by the way. (I’m looking at you, Katy Perry.)

Unfortunately, people do cheat and will cheat on their spouses. As tragic that it is, it’s true.

As much as she wants this to be considered a “personal matter” Ilhan Omar’s affair isn’t just an affair, though. It involves her lover getting reimbursed from her campaign for travel so that they can spend time together. Omar and Mynett were spotted holding hands and being “cozy” in an Italian restaurant in Calfornia back in March, a trip that Mynett was presumably reimbursed for.

Is that yet another campaign finance violation for Ilhan Omar? 

If Omar had imposed that rule on herself — much like choosing to cover up her hair in public — the love affair may not have blossomed.

Also, isn’t it forbidden in some circles of Islam for a woman to be alone with a male who isn’t her husband or her family member? (Although to Omar these may not be mutually exclusive. After all, it appears that her brother filled both roles simultaneously.)

Rep. Omar has pushed back against what she considers the press nosing into her personal life. However, she’s strangely silent on many, many things, including refusing to name all of her siblings. Her controversial marriage to the man believed to be her brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, coincided with a massive spate of immigration fraud within the Somali community. 

Now she’s saying that she’s not dating Mynett and that she hasn’t left her first/third husband.

Frankly, it seems as though Rep. Ilhan Omar’s problems all stem from her not answering questions directly and allowing speculation to fester.

Perhaps she should consider just coming clean.

After all, “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

Ilhan Omar has the external trappings of religion — insisting on covering her hair — but hasn’t seemed to embrace the moral positions of her faith ie. don’t cheat on your spouse.

Mike Pence, on the other hand, appears to have an internal conviction that expresses itself outwardly by his behavior.

Which do you think is the better code of conduct?


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