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Good News, Meat-lovers: Livestock Can Help SAVE The Planet

Are you worried about carbon kicking off a massive change in climate and wondering if it’s really worth going vegan? Good NEWS, Meat is back on the menu!

For all the pearl-clutching we saw about cow-farts, and how loving burgers or a good steak will lead to the destruction of the entire planet, even by their OWN logic, livestock are part of the SOLUTION, not the problem.

So says a scientific soil study from New Zealand where they know a thing or two about livestock. Turns out the key overall issue is the soil health in the biome. And livestock play their role in putting carbon back into the soil.

…a growing body of research shows that livestock, managed properly, help build organic matter and store carbon in the soil which is the second largest carbon sink after our oceans, according to the European Environment Agency.

“Livestock can be your biggest tool to build soil but done badly it’s incredibly destructive,” agroecologist and soil consultant Nicole Masters said.

Masters works with farmers in New Zealand, Australia, United States and Canada.

“The intensification of dairy at the cost of New Zealand’s soil and waterways – absolutely the problem. But that’s a management issue, it’s not a livestock issue,” she said.

Grazing animals regenerate the land by trampling the building blocks of soil into the ground, fertilising it with manure and helping plants put carbon back in the soil by speeding up photosynthesis, experts say.

Biological soils consultant Phyllis Tichinin said she had documented New Zealand soils growing carbon first hand, but said overseas research had shown up to 10 tonnes of carbon per hectare per year could be sequestered using regenerative grazing techniques.
Source: Regenerative Farming: Can meat save the planet?

And apparently, using these methods, the meat tastes AWESOME. The source article goes into greater detail about the particulars for those who are interested.

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