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Hey CNN: A Guatemalan Official Just Said Trump Is Right About Foreign Aid… Is That News?

While CNN spin merchants keep their narratives going, actual journalists are digging up real news… like this story about what REALLY happens to foreign aid.

Maybe shoveling money at Guatemala (and their neighbors) to ‘solve’ all their problems with the poor wasn’t such a great plan after all.

Gee, wasn’t someone ELSE telling us the same thing? Someone in an Oval Office?

A senior Guatemalan official said his nation was aware President Donald Trump was going to cut funding to his nation, saying he understands the decision as the majority of funds designated to aid his nation’s poorest through development projects and other charities rarely reaches those who need it most.

It is a stunning admission by Guatemala’s Secretary of Strategic Intelligence Mario Duarte, who says the funding needs to be thoroughly accounted for by both the United States and Guatemala. He spoke to me on my latest podcast at the Sara Carter Show.

…“To be honest with you, I don’t think most of that money is actually being properly used in our country, mainly in Guatemala,” Duarte told me. “A lot of that money goes to NGOs who spend it on mostly doing analysis and white papers sent studies. The money’s not really going towards the people. There’s no significant projects that really help us along those lines.”

…“So, basically all the systems that it’s given currently to, our security forces, our armed forces, as long as its used to curve down all these different threats towards the United States they’re still going to remain in place, were still going to be receiving that assistance from the United States,” he said. “And obviously, we are a partner of the United States and we’ve been a partner for a long time. Now, the funding that’s going to be cut, as we understand, its all other funds that go, as you said, to NGOs, or any other projects not related to security.”
Source: SaraACarter

Sara A Carter is busy doing the work that the ‘respectable’ American Media, like CNN, won’t.

If boatloads of cash aren’t REALLY making a difference in foreign countries because they’re getting diverted into bloated bureaucratic programs and padding the wallets of supposedly ‘compassionate’ NGOs. Leaving the people in actual need high and dry.

If ONLY there were some sort of lesson that could be learned here for any American cities that have serious problems with poverty… say Baltimore.

Didn’t we throw Billion$ at Baltimore, to solve the problems there? How big a difference has that made so far? Is It ‘RACIST’ To Ask Elijah Cummings To Account For The $16B Trump Gave Baltimore?

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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