How Leftists Anti-American Rhetoric Is A True Contradiction In Terms

Written by Pastor Greg Young on August 14, 2019

Recently another “American” Race Imboden part of the American Fencing Team at the Pan Am Games where they won the Gold Medal decided to“take a Knee” during the playing of the National Anthem and the unveiling of the American Flag during the Medal Ceremony. His reasoning was the same rhetorical response espoused by all of the anti-Americans.  He wrote in a Tweet, “My pride however has been cut short by the multiple shortcomings of the country I hold so dear to my heart. Racism, Gun Control, mistreatment of immigrants, and a president who spreads hate are at the top of a long list. I chose to sacrifice my moment today at the top of the podium to call attention to issues that I believe need to be addressed. I encourage others to please use your platforms for empowerment and change.” Forget about the fact that he collected tax payer dollars to train and to go to the games and to be a part of this team.

Now this is a President who at every opportunity reminds us that Black unemployment, Hispanic unemployment, Asian unemployment and Women’s unemployment are all at historic lows. Why would a racist misogynist take the time to honor these groups of people and share how hard his administration has worked to make jobs available to all people of every race and background if that were true? I will tell you, because they would not, especially if they were a “White Nationalist”, thus proving President Trump is neither a racist nor a misogynist. How rich it is that the self-serving fencer has to remind us that he is giving up his podium appearance. The truth is that he is tapping into his fifteen minutes of fame because no one would even know or care who he was if he had kept quiet. No offense to the fencing team and our hat is off to their achievement, but fencing is the sport of Kings and the snobbishly rich, how else do you get a name like Race and get away with it?

In contrast, there are the protestors in Hong Kong who are demanding they keep their freedoms that were granted with the transition from English rule to China and the oppressive Communist regime. The protests came on the anniversary of the 1997 handover from colonial power Britain to China, which gave Hong Kong its own system of rule until 2047 — including rights such as freedom of speech and an independent judiciary that are not enjoyed in mainland China. “Beijing needs to keep Hong Kong as an attractive place for foreign companies, for multi-nationals, as a financial centre. So they can’t push too hard,” said Jean-Pierre Cabestan, a China expert at Hong Kong Baptist University. One picture that shines out is the protestors in Hong Kong waving the American flags and playing the National Anthem. You see they know where real freedom rests and they know what the symbol of that flag means to the oppressed around the world. It is the sign of political and religious freedom and a sign of hope to the world.

These radical leftist that berate our President and disparage our policies whether by kneeling at sporting events, storming our streets or acting out in Congress through radical proposals and incendiary statements all denigrating our nation show their ignorance by ignoring the reasons that all of these illegal immigrants and many more legally, seek to come to America as their safe haven. This is the contradiction. America is a land of opportunity for those willing to work and willing to assimilate into the American culture and that includes our Judeo Christian belief system. America is not the worlds answer to the lazy, those that refuse to work, those looking for a hand out and not a hand up. The left wants to overwhelm our system in order to destroy it. The time to fight back against these lies and this misrepresentation of who we are is right now. Identifying the lefts hypocrisy and shining a light on it at every turn.

So the next time some leftist starts to tell you how bad America is, ask them this. If America is so bad, why are you still here? Why does the rest of the world see us as the answer, and the proof of that is that everyone is still trying to get here and cross into our country at the borders? If they persist in denigrating our country simply ask them if they care about all those poor illegal immigrants, and if so don’t they think they should go and warn them not to come here because it is so bad? And while they are at wouldn’t they be more comfortable in one of the countries the illegals are fleeing? Then they will call you names and get all red in the face. As you back away, because you can’t turn your back on a leftist these days, just smile, knowing you have caused them great confusion and maybe they might engage their brain.

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