Joaquin Castro’s ‘Enemies List’ Is Already Hurting People

Written by Wes Walker on August 10, 2019

What else did he think the radical ‘resistance’ left was going to do with his information?

His party is the one that is targeting a fitness business for boycotts because one of the financial backers is a Trump supporter. (Even though the company itself is fairly liberal.)

Even MSNBC could see this coming and questioned him on what would happen to the people whose names he ‘outed’.

He seemed genuinely surprised by anyone objecting. “It’s public information.”

He’s right, it is ‘public information’. But so is land ownership. That doesn’t mean we go the courthouse, dig up your home address and publish it, does it? This is, after all, the same party that had a BLM leader (and friend of Elizabeth Warren) show up outside Mitch McConnell’s house after dark with a loud mob screaming profanities at him.

The ‘resistance’ mobs don’t usually go researching people in looking for reasons to be offended. But they’re more than happy to read from someone else’s script. A single tweet can trigger a big reaction. Or have we already forgotten

It didn’t take long for that to happen, now did it?

Here are the harassing phone calls one person on that list is getting. (Language warning.)

There is one other suspicious omission from that list that was noted by observers online.

Good question. ‘Why, indeed?’ Latinos SUPPORTING Trump wouldn’t hurt their carefully-constructed ‘Trump-is-a-racist’ lie, would it?’

Way to unleash your ‘inner Castro’ there, Joaquin…

Here’s the story where he publicized that list in the first place…

Rep. Joaquin Castro Just DOXXED Trump Supporters For Contributing To A ‘Campaign Of Hate’

And here are a few examples of why he should have known that it would result in targeted harassment…

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