Project Veritas: Google Whistleblower Steps Into The Light… Data Trove For DOJ

Written by Wes Walker on August 14, 2019

I felt that our entire election system was going to be compromised forever, uh, by this company that told the American public that it was not going to do any evil.

This is the best thing I can do in the situation that I’m currently at. And the thing is, is that the American public needs to understand what is happening.

I’m going to, uh, publish this information so that other people can see the system that Google has built in order to control the entire information landscape.

This is something that once people see, it’s going to bring– It doesn’t matter whether you’re left or whether you’re right when you see this both sides are gonna agree that this is wrong.

So my message to those that are on the fence is I released the documents They can go and they can see everything that Google is doing. And then they can see the scale of it because I think there’s a lot of engineers that have a hint that things are wrong but they don’t understand the colossal scale that it’s at.

And so, for those people I say look at the documents.

Take the pulse of America and see what’s happening. And come and tell the world you know, what you already know to be true.

And I know that people have been waiting for this Google Snowden moment, where somebody comes out and explains what everybody already knows to be true.

And I’m hoping that those who want us to do something are going to be compelled to act and that we come together, can come together and defend ourselves in the case of litigation. You know they can stop, like one or two of us, but they can’t stop all of us coming out and explain to the American public that this is what’s happening. That Google’s not who they say they are.

You’re gonna be a hero.

It’s gonna be fine.

Clear your conscience. You’ll be able to live with that for the rest of your life, that you did the right thing.

The text above is a verbatim quote of what the whistleblower said in this short clip.

We covered the same story in more detail, including the laptop and documents he submitted to the DOJ on a story written while we were still waiting for this whistleblower to step into the light.

Here it is, if you missed it: TECH TYRANNY: Google Whistleblower Turns In Laptop And Almost 1000 Pages Of Docs To DOJ

That same story also has a list of other places where Big Tech has shown themselves hostile to our freedoms.

You could round out that list with this story: Leftists Want A ‘New Civil War’ – This Post Is Disturbing

This is kind of a big deal, you might think.

The full 20-minute video is available here: Project Veritas.

The document dump he referenced is available here.

Are you getting any of this, Congress?

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