WATCH: CNN ‘Media Watchdogs’ Are ANGRY That Former Trump Press Secretaries Are Getting TV Gigs

Written by Wes Walker on August 23, 2019

With Spicer invited to compete on Dancing with the Stars and Sarah Sanders offering commentary on Fox News, people are freaking out.

But strangely we heard no words of condemnation for Clapper, Brennan, Stephanopolous, Favreau (Pod Save America) etc. getting plum positions in the media.

But people on the left nodded approvingly when Susan Rice was hired to the board at Netflix (let’s pretend to forget that Soros is a leading shareholder) despite some really sketchy partisan moves on her part… including her inexplicable role in all that unmasking.

Spicer will be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, which could be a GREAT opportunity for people of different political backgrounds to meet as simple Americans in a non-partisan forum.

And why would it be any more a problem for Sarah Sanders — who is widely admired and respected on the Right — to land work at Fox than it would be for, say — newly-minted NeverTrumper Scaramucci to be welcomed to CNN with open arms?

But no. People are freaking out.

And can anyone explain why the allegedly impartial down-the-middle ABC news employees would have such a charged political opinion?


You will remember that Oliver Darcy was the CNN employee who actively pressured Twitter to punish Alex Jones (who embarrassed CNN by calling for ‘The Great Meme War’ calling them Fake News) with seeing him deplatformed.

Notice how Jim Acosta — who had a real personal stake in the game, too — are calling for the public shunning of political enemies.

Here’s what that NBC opinion piece thinks about Republicans:

The dancing competition has long been a popular place for washed-up celebrities looking to rehabilitate or pump up their image. But Spicer shouldn’t get that chance — and he certainly doesn’t deserve it. –Source: NBCNews

When one party openly thinks people who vote for the ‘wrong’ political party should forfeit any right to participate in polite society, that says a lot about who the REAL ‘dangerous’ extremists in our society are.

After the total fizzling of two years of the ‘Russian Collusion’ case, and with their Media Allies committing to a leaked battle-plan of calling Trump racist for the next two years, any claims they have of being interested in truth aren’t just ‘suspect’ but they are wrong.

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