WATCH: CNN’s Lemon And Cuomo Reminisce About Obama’s Tan Suit As THE Defining Scandal Of His Administration

Written by K. Walker on August 29, 2019

The Media(D) isn’t even denying that they were in the tank for Obama. Check out this fresh load of B.S.

Yesterday was the 5-year anniversary of the day that President Barack Obama arrived in the White House Press Briefing Room wearing a tan suit and saying that he didn’t have a strategy to defeat ISIS in Syria.

Fox News, just like other news organizations, commented on the tan suit, which riled up leftists. The complaint was that the suit didn’t project “power” as darker ones tend to do, and coupled with the admission that there was no strategy, it made the President look week. You may agree or disagree with that, but really, it’s such a non-troversy that it’s laughable. It’s not like he took the news conference in a bedazzled lace bodysuit and tulle skirt with a tiara and stilettoes.

The Media(D) refused to cover any scandals in the Obama administration thoroughly because they wanted him to be successful. This has led to Obama fans — and Obama himself — claiming that the administration was scandal-free.

Just because the Media(D) was enchanted with Obama and saw him as some sort of Messiah-figure, that doesn’t mean that he didn’t step on the Constitution and attempt to consolidate power in the Executive Branch.

But the Dimwitted Duo on CNN doesn’t see it that way. Don “Hands In His Pants” Lemon and Chris “Fredo” Cuomo have contributed to the whitewashing of Obama scandals and turning the outrage up to 11 with President Trump. They assert that because there are just “so many” scandals under President Trump, the five year anniversary of “Tan-Suit-Gate” shows just how far our standards have dropped in this country.

Watch the Two Dumbest Men On Television™ talk about Barry’s tan suit:

This is why President Trump rails against CNN as “Fake News.”

There were scandals a-plenty under Obama, it’s just that the Media(D) glossed over them.

The esteemed Caleb Hull drops the truthbomb:

Project Cassandra is the one that everyone forgets, but should always remember. The Obama administration let Hezbollah continue to traffick drugs and weapons and become a billion-dollar international crime syndicate to fund their terror organization all to protect the coveted Iran Deal.

Of course, with the character limit, he forgot a couple:

  • Solyndra
  • Obamacare
  • American civilians dying in drone strikes
  • Apology tours
  • CIA hacking the Senate Intelligence Committee
  • EPA saying nothing about lead levels in Flint, MI
  • The contaminated river in Colorado
  • Ben Rhodes lying about Benghazi
  • Jonathan Gruber (Obamacare architect) saying that they relied on the “stupidity of the American voter”
  • Unconstitutional military engagement
  • The first President to spend very single day of his two terms at war

And, of course…

  • Spying on the Trump campaign

But hey, why let facts get in the way on the network that boasts that they’re all about “Facts First,” right?

Well, you have to remember exactly who these clowns are.

They are a joke.

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