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WATCH: Trump’s Immigration Chief BLASTS CNN Anchor ‘You’re Pushing A Narrative!’

Grab yourself some popcorn because… THIS IS EPIC.

There are few pleasures in life that are more satisfying than watching Ken Cuccinelli, acting Director of the Citizenship and Immigration Services office, verbally smack around the disingenuous “journalists” determined to undermine Trump’s immigration policy and the rule of law by calling it racist and evil. Cuccinelli refuses to allow these supercilious, Dollar-store-knockoff Pravda clones to do it.

He does it oh, so easily and with such style and panache.

Ken Cuccinelli appeared on CNN’s New Day to discuss the revision of the so-called Flores Settlement which limits holding families that have illegally crossed the border with children to just 20 days. Once released, the vast majority disappeared into the United States and did not appear in court for the resolution of the immigration hearing.

The new Trump immigration Flores Rule states that families would be detained until their immigration status was resolved. Historically, this has taken about 50 days. Cuccinelli says that this will be an important deterrent for people taking the dangerous journey, and protect children from being trafficked as “tickets” into the United States, which has become a growing problem since the Flores Settlement was adopted.

“This is a deterrent, because they know that instead of rushing the border, which is what’s been going on for a number of years now, by using the massive numbers coming to the border and overwhelming our facilities and our capacity to hold folks and our court rulings, which is what the Flores rule was, that now they can and will to the extent we’re able to do so, hold them until those hearings happen,” Cuccinelli, the acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, said in an interview Friday with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day.”…

…Cuccinelli told CNN on Friday that targeting the Flores agreement, which he called “one of the main motivators for the crisis at the southern border,” is a “critical part of the solution.”

“This solves the problem by demonstrating to families that are considering coming to the southern border illegally, that they will be detained for the duration until their hearings can be held,” Cuccinelli said.

Cuccinelli said that migrants will no longer be simply be released into the country “for us to never see them again.”

Source: CNN

Of course, that’s not how Alisyn Camerota framed it. She claims it’s about using scare-tactics to intimidate people from “attempting to seek asylum” by spreading images of “children in cages.” She also says that it will allow the government to detain families “indefinitely.”

Watch the Media Research Council clip of the exchange:

Cuccinelli shared a video on Twitter from DHS of what a family detention facility looks like.

It’s not as “cage-like” as the Media(D) would have you believe.

Here’s the DHS “B-roll” of an ICE facility.

This isn’t the first time that Camerota and Cuccinelli crossed swords. Just last month Camerota was determined to have Cuccinelli discuss President Trump’s “racist” tweets instead of discussing immigration.

It shows what kind of clown-show “journalism” is in America today.

Newsbusters provides a helpful transcript of the exchange on New Day this morning:

ALISYN CAMEROTA: A new Trump Administration rule would allow the administration to keep migrant families, including children, detained indefinitely at the border. It would replace this long-standing Supreme Court settlement that limits how long children could remain in custody. The rule up till now had been 20 days.

KEN CUCCINELLI: The problem was the inability to hold families — detain families more than 20 days. And now we can hold them until their whole court situation is resolved.

CAMEROTA: Yeah. But that could be years!

CUCCINELLI: And historically, that took about 50 days.

CAMEROTA: Right, okay, but nowadays, it could take years.

CUCCINELLI: That isn’t how it — that is not how it worked when this was being conducted.

CAMEROTA: Understood. I’m just saying the problem now that we’ve been confronting —

CUCCINELLI: One of the dangers that’s been going on is that 30% of the children in the pilot programs we are finding were being recycled. They were being trafficked. This became a ticket, to bring children became a ticket to get into the United States, because you had to be released within 20 days. This protects children.

CAMEROTA: [sighs loudly, shakes head] I mean, okay. On one level it protects children, but it also exposes children to the overcrowding. I mean, here’s some of the B roll, we’ve been playing it for months. We’ve been seeing this for months. Lawmakers have been going to the border for months —

CUCCINELLI: I assume —

CAMEROTA: Hold on one second. Hold on one second. Here it is, as you can see [in fact, Cuccinelli could not see. CNN had not provided a monitor for him.]

CUCCINELLI: Yeah, I know you don’t want real answers; I know you don’t want truth, You want your narrative to go, —

CAMEROTA: Mr. Cuccinelli, I want to be able get a question out —

CUCCINELLI: — but I’m not going to sit back and take that. I can’t see the pictures you’re showing. I guarantee you they’re border agents.

CAMEROTA: Those are border agents in these cages here?

CUCCINELLI: Are the pictures of the Border Patrol — are those Border Patrol facilities? I can’t see them.

CAMEROTA: Yes, these are Border Patrol facilities with overcrowding and not enough room for people inside these cages. And now children will be held there indefinitely.

CUCCINELLI: So, we don’t use cages. We use the facilities built in the 1990s and with the last administration. So if you want to characterize it that way, just everyone watching should know you’re pushing a narrative, not analyzing the situation.

CAMEROTA: Well, you’re calling it a different word, Mr. Cuccinelli.

. . .

CUCCINELLI: The time in custody for children is down to about one day in those facilities, and then they go —

CAMEROTA: But just help me understand this. Hold on, Mr. Cuccinelli. I just want to take it — point by point.

. . .

CUCCINELLI: This solves the problem by demonstrating to families that are considering coming to the southern border illegally, that they will be detained for the duration until their hearings can be held. It’s critical to the solution —

CAMEROTA: — I see. So it’s — I want to make it clear, this is a deterrent.

CUCCINELLI: Can I please finish answering the question?

CAMEROTA: I think that you did answer the question . . . You’re hoping that the pictures of children, with their families, being detained indefinitely will trickle back to Guatemala and El Salvador and send the message that whatever violence or poverty they’re dealing with there is not worth their children being held indefinitely inside those fences.

. . .

CAMEROTA: There was actually a solution. If we’re talking about solutions, there was one thing that worked, and it was this pilot program started by the Obama administration, whereby when families would come to the border and request asylum, they would be assigned a case manager. And that case manager would check in with them — it’s sort of like parole, and check on them. And it had 100% — it had a 99% success rate of the families being tracked and showing up when they were supposed to for meetings. It had 100% success rate of the families making their court dates. That was done away with it by the Trump Administration in 2017. Why not go back to that?

. . .

CUCCINELLI: So we’re literally swamped trying to deal with the short-term challenges.

CAMEROTA: I understand. But would you consider reinstating that?

CUCCINELLI: Doing case management is not something we have personnel for.

CAMEROTA: [snidely] Because you ended the program.

CUCCINELLI: We do not have the manpower right now to — we’re barely keeping the asylum backlog from going up.

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