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BOOM! Candace Owens SMOKES Leftists Who Try To ‘Whitesplain’ RACISM To Her(VIDEO)

Did anyone get the number of the truck that ran over them? Candace Owens was driving it.

Candace Owens was again called before Congress to testify about issues of race in America. Once again, the plucky firebrand did NOT disappoint.

The other panelists made the mistake of trying to paint her as somehow sympathetic to, or failing to sufficiently denounce the NZ Mosque shooter who invoked her name (as well as Nelson Mandela and Sypro the dragon) in his manifesto.

The panelists who did so, you will note, are white leftist women.

This clip opens with the tail end of earlier disparaging remarks against her. And Congressman Mark Meadows yielded most of his time to Candace Owens so she could properly rebut what had been said about her and her motives.

She answered some softball questions of clarification from Jim Jordan and then proceed to open a 64oz can of whoop-ass.

What’s Candace’s experience on this issue, when her white accusers were saying the sky is falling because of white supremacy?

Aw, nothing much. Just being ‘black in America’.

She took them to the woodshed over conveniently trotting out the race card against Republicans every election cycle, but doing nothing to address the issues that black America is truly struggling with. She then proceeds to name them.

And since we’re talking about that manifesto, let’s talk about what that shooter said was is overall objective: he wanted to inflame race issues IN AMERICA. Even his choice of weapon was made with that goal in mind.

He wanted leftist gun-grabbers to push for gun confiscation because he was hoping Constitutionalists would aggressively defend their Second Amendment and (he hoped) spark a second civil war in America — which he hoped would split along racial lines.

Habitually inflaming racial divisions, and leveling unfounded or debunked claims fo racism throws gas on the fire that shooter wanted to start.

In the interest of the nation — or at least to NOT be on the same side of the issue as a murderous slimeball — you might want to rethink that strategy.


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