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David Hogg Calls Gun Ownership ‘Unpatriotic’ … Has Anyone Told Him About 1776?

David Hogg is one of the Left’s perennial favorites. Every time the Media(D) want to talk about guns, he’s one of their go-to guys.

Because they really want to hear what survivors of Parkland want to say about gun violence (unless their names are Kyle Kuchev). As for the fathers of Meadow Pollack — an actual fatality of that same shooting — well, not so much.

Of course, they would want to hear from David Hogg. He’s a zealot for one of the Left’s favorite causes, and he’s not at all afraid to level vicious and often unfounded personal attacks at anyone who disagrees with him.

He was a recent guest on Chris Hayes show and was given a long segment in which he was free to spout off. And he did not disappoint.

He opened with some light pandering, claiming that there is a long tradition of opposition to guns in this country, including some women of color. (He somehow failed to mention that the Klan ALSO wanted to curb gun ownership, so a certain group couldn’t defend themselves. So that takes some of the shine off of his opening ‘women of color agree with me’ claim.)

‘Now that we’ve acknowledged that, importantly’ (translated — now that I’ve demonstrated my woke intersectional credentials)…

He emphasized the importance of pressure on corporations bowing their collective knees to Jackboot social pressure from the Left.

‘CEOs are scared … we need to reinforce when they stand on the side of peace and justice.’

Then he breaks out some demagoguing with claims that aren’t hard to debunk before launching into the very predictable loving children more than guns lines.

And he’s openly calling for a change in culture.

And in his SECOND reference to what he thinks it means to be American, he sets out EXACTlY what he believes about ordinary Americans who think Second Amendment rights are not his to mess with.

(Starting at about timestamp 3:19)

…we need to be talking about why there are these motivations to believe that violence is a resolution to our problems. Why people feel that it is more American to pick up a gun because you are afraid of what you don’t know than it is to actually explore what you don’t know and have the courage to actually address that. Because I would personally argue that Peace is Patriotic, right? Loving you fellow American is patriotic.

He goes on to admit that measures like background checks won’t really solve the problem, and there needs to be some sort of a more comprehensive plan.

And Chris Hayes pulled out his crystal ball and determined that when the right makes the same factual claim, we do so ‘disingenuously’ and goes on to say that we have a ‘very violent culture here in America’.

Moving from the 4:50 mark he claims gun ownership is directly related to White Supremacy and genocide, invoking Wounded Knee… Talks about the injustice and oppression that this nation was founded on…

We could bring out stats showing the inverse relationship between gun ownership and gun crime.

We could bring out stats showing that the frequency of mass shootings have NOT been trending upward.

We could show how very low the violent crime stats are for lawful gun owners are.

We could tell story after story about how a gun has saved lives.

But, as we have said, he is a zealot, and he wants to come between Americans and our guns.

It is people like David who carry that dangerous strain of anti-freedom (or ‘tyranny’) that often infects and takes hold of unaccountable governments. It’s a strain of virus that infects the body politic with an urge to concentrate power in fewer and fewer hands while eliminating any form of accountability that would stand opposed to the unchecked use or abuse of that power.

Tyranny is what we seen in places like Venezuela or China when leaders become rulers and don’t give a crap about the will of the people or even if their basic needs are being met.

Those who don’t like it get shot. Or possibly arrested in the night and sent off to an uncertain future. Or, in cases like Tiananmen Square, British officials estimated 10,000 civilians were slaughtered.

They didn’t stand a chance and couldn’t even defend themselves.

Gun ownership is about hunting … sure.

It’s about protecting your person, your property and your loved ones from criminals with violent intent… naturally.

But ultimately, and armed population IS that last line of defense against what the Framers and even the political writers they would read from their generation and antiquity feared the most — unchecked political power.

The very guns that gained us our Independence in 1776 will keep it well into the future.

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Wes Walker

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